Tian Zhixian: dream chasers on the road

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“The judge is not an ‘officer’, but the guardian of the last line of defense to safeguard social fairness and justice, and the executive judge is not an ‘officer’, every applicant for execution is the owner of the executive judge.””Was his constant refrain.In the ordinary post of continuous pursuit of extraordinary themselves, has been unanimously recognized, he is jiuquan City Jinta County People’s Court executive Board deputy director, post judge Tian Zhixian.He is conscientious, dedicated to the people, dare to take responsibility, a righteous spirit, strict with himself, with practical actions to be a firm and persistent “dream chaser”.Tian Zhixian, born in June 1982, graduated from Gansu University of Political Science and Law in October 2007, passed the civil service examination to work in the People’s Court of Jinta County, has worked in the Dongba Court, case filing court, civil court, executive board, from the clerk to the judge, he step by step, steadfast, silent dedication,To safeguard fairness and justice and safeguard the dignity of the law is his unswerving pursuit.Since February 2016, he has handled more than 2,100 enforcement cases of various types, with a case settlement rate of more than 90%.In 2019, he was awarded “Third-class Merit” by the County Party Committee. He was awarded the Advanced Individual of the court for many times. From 2018 to 2021, he was awarded the Advanced Collective of the municipal court for four consecutive years, and in 2019, he was awarded the Advanced Collective of the provincial court for solving basic execution difficulties.As soon as he goes to work every day, he is engaged in a battle: arranging his work for the day, meeting with the execution team on the execution of specific cases, sealing up, freezing and receiving parties…The daily work schedule is full, and this does not include some emergency treatment, but under his reasonable planning everything is in order.For each of the parties, he kept enough patience, often standing in the Angle of the parties to think about the problem, many emotional parties through his patience and meticulous work, their emotions will be calmed, many difficult and complex cases in his hands will often be successfully solved.To some “bone case” “nail case” he has always dared to shine a sharp sword, a heavy fist.He deal with a house to vacate the case, after the verdict took effect, Wang refused to perform vacate obligation, Li mou application for execution, wang mou served the execution notice, he took the executive police to wang mou home interpretation reasoning, advised the vacate the house, but Wang mou because of deep resentment and Li, refused to vacate.He immediately posted a notice to vacate, ordered the deadline to move out of the house involved in the case, Wang still ignored.After the expiration of the announcement, he organized the police to forcibly vacate the house, by the notary office to vacate the whole process of notarization, recording and video, and invited public security, community personnel to witness the scene.In the execution of the scene, Wang will lock the house and refused to open the lock, while his daughter took a mobile phone video, threatened to upload to the Internet, to fight law enforcement.While he organized personnel to appease the family of the subject of execution, he organized personnel to forcibly open the door, take photos of the indoor items, check them and then retreat to the outdoor, and finally vacate the house and deliver it to the applicant for execution.The temperature of law enforcement for the people is cold, but the judiciary is warm.It is a characteristic of Tian Zhixian to start from the reality of the case and attach importance to the interests of the people.Colleagues say Tian is “kind and good-natured to clients.”This, in his view, is the essential weapon of being an executive judge.In cases related to people’s livelihood, such as compensation for damages, migrant workers and support, he has always used the word “love” throughout his handling of cases.He performed one of yao and li mou, motor vehicle traffic accident case of first instance verdict, adjudged the defendant yao li mou to compensate for a more than 30, ten thousand yuan, in the process of execution, he learned that the yao serious disability after an accident, bedridden, the life cannot provide for oneself, the difficulty of the execution of the case is that li mou just rely on farming 15 acres of land for a living, there is no other source of income,In addition, Li did not cooperate with the execution, yao thought that the judge received li’s benefits, threatening to pull the patient to the court if the execution could not be carried out in time.In the face of the parties don’t understand and misunderstanding, Tian Zhixian do the applicant’s relief work on one hand, on the other hand to the person subjected to execution to do ideological work, let both sides understand execution work, after repeated communication, li mou is willing to cooperate, after only 5000 yuan will be home in performance, and make the subsequent performance of the scheme, in order to be able to implement the implementation, Tian Zhixian actively contact village organization,Contracted 3 warm shed to Li mou, look for ways to get rich.Considering that the target of execution of the case is large, and the staging period is too long, Yao’s follow-up treatment cannot be guaranteed, so he applied for judicial assistance of 80,000 yuan.After the execution of the last amount of execution, Lee said with gratitude that Judge Jeon not only helped him pay the case, but also helped him find a way to become rich.A heart-rending traffic accident, a moving implementation process, Tian Zhixian with a heart for the people’s interpretation of the real temperature implementation.The work style is perfect to highlight the integrity of the network a “police officers refused to accept gifts, clean justice show integrity” report can best reflect his integrity of law enforcement.”Tian Zhixian, a police officer of the executive Board of the court, refused to accept gifts from the parties in the process of handling the case and kept the bottom line of clean justice.The leading party group of the Economic Academy has decided to circulate a notice of praise for Comrade Tian Zhixian’s behavior…”On March 7, 2019, an eye-catching notice on the electronic screen of the hall on the second floor of the Jinta County People’s Court attracted the attention of police officers, and he became a “red” in the hospital and a role model for everyone.The thing is that in February 2019, Wang applied for the execution of zhang’s contract dispute case, the execution target of more than 1.43 million yuan.The case was transferred to executive Board Tian Zhixian for handling.During the period, he informed the application for execution wang mou to the court to ask the relevant situation of the execution zhang, and will be informed of the next implementation plan.That afternoon on the way to work, Wang will be 2 soft Chinese cigarettes and 2 bottles of fine Jiannan chun to him, was rejected by him on the spot, and informed Wang, the execution of the work is the execution of the judge’s own work, the judge will be handled according to law, at the same time the court staff have strict discipline provisions.But then Wang, regardless of persuasion and obstruction, forced the above items into Tian Zhixian’s private car after leaving quickly, finally, Tian Zhixian had to find the hospital disciplinary inspection department to reflect the relevant situation, and the above items to the hospital disciplinary inspection department.Tian Zhixian refused to accept the gift behavior, shows the people’s judge integrity, fair and honest quality, he sticks to the last line of defense, is the most direct embodiment of clean justice.With regard to the power held in his hands, he submitted the answer with practical actions, but the judge and all the executors are living individuals, in addition to work and life, the difficulties of life will not give way to execution.On executive board of the jobs, carry out case double coincided with increased, and experience the basic solution to perform difficult battle of the three years, in the face of hundreds of thousands of cases, one desires to be performed satisfactorily the result of the parties and stretched execution team, Tian Zhixian no retreat, he actively overcome his wife in the country, sick parents, children are young no one to take care of the difficult situation,No excuses, to find reasons, resolutely pushed himself to indomitable gear.He felt guilty to his wife, children and parents, but he did not hesitate to do the work he loved. Now he is still standing in the front line of implementation, with practical actions on the road to pursue his dream.(Written by Political and Legal Committee of Jiuquan Municipal Party Committee)