Self-cultivation to respect, is also qingming

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It was afternoon, the wind light orioles fly, spring charming.Willow fishing green Lin, fine mark pushed LAN Jin.There was nothing in the lake, but it was intoxicating.At this time, willow, sprout long spike, like a wisp of careful knot plait, long to the heart of the lake.The spring breeze is gentle, the lake is blue, the ripples are fine, not ceaseless.Shimmering, breeze, like a silk in the jitter.Walking by the lake, the breeze blows my face, all my heart twitches, like infatuated.Walking under the weeping willows, the petals of the crabapple beside the bank are often blown by the wind.The sun scatters gold, and its rays dissolve in water.Trim hair tip, in the light and shadow jump, can not help but admire oneself.The boundless lake water pushes the waves layer by layer.The backlit water of the lake was of a bluish hue.I prefer purple to blue.The lamppost of the street lamp was purple.Walk from bridge to bridge.Under the bridge more shade, begonia flowers spread, the reflection of light and water floating on the stone wall of the bridge cave.Go west from the lake shore to the east, and turn back from the other shore.Crabapple flower pieces, fall full cross-strait, fragrant flowers along the way in full bloom.”See the small things of the qing shu xi, with the rest of the light”, on the way home, gold leaf privet lush green, wood leaves like infiltration veins spring water;”The flowers must be folded straight, do not wait for no flowers empty folded branches”, deep mountain smiling, also known as the light leaf prynne, in a tree green, blooming white flowers, all countable, good school quiet meaning.Every time I visit his place, I always come back with something.All I carry are flowers and weeds.In addition, silver leaf chrysanthemum in the sudden warming, early harvest of white hair.Periwincy flowers, planted in bonsai, purple flowers broken qi, drunk can sunset.This Tomb-sweeping day, this want to go to the temple.Remembering my last visit, MY wish was still unfulfilled.If the temple is open, it is embarrassing to see the bodhisattva.Maybe that’s why there’s a trade-off.Buddhism has seven treasures, I also have a stone.Beads collected over the years can now be integrated with qibao.Whether it is jade crystal, or the moonlight stone, are more transparent and transparent, the more noble and clean.It is said that the realm of life is divided into three levels, namely cultivation, cultivation, and cultivation of the road. The corresponding Buddhism is hinayana, Zhongana, and Mahayana.What a gentleman is an expert in is that he has gradually gained a thorough understanding of profound truths through chongdian, obscure and differentiated objects.Zi Lu once asked Confucius, “What is a gentleman?Confucius said, “Cultivate yourself with respect.Cultivate yourself for others.Cultivate yourself to appease the people.”In fact, if any can achieve self-cultivation to respect, to Ann people, to Ann people is a natural thing.Everyone admires excellence.Instead of trying to persuade others faithfully, be yourself first.To oneself and others, is a kind of respect.As the saying goes: all efforts in the road, thousands of miles from the same wind.Not suffering from ignorance, suffering from can not, self-cultivation to respect, is also qingming.With your mutual encouragement.Images from the Internet