Nucleic acid sampling takes only 42 seconds!The province’s first throat swab sampling robot was launched in Yantai

2022-07-07 0 By

It only takes 42 seconds for each person to complete the “self-service” nucleic acid sampling, and the sampling efficiency is 100%.The province’s first throat swab sampling robot has been unveiled in Yantai.It is understood that this “black technology” product has completely independent intellectual property rights, and is 100% domestically produced. It is now in mass production, which will better help the epidemic prevention and control work.It is understood that the pharyngeal swab sampling robot is jointly developed by Yantai Qingkejia Robot Joint Research Institute and Modern Mechanism and Robotic Equipment Laboratory of Tsinghua University.In use, the citizens need to receive a one-time special biting mouthparts security cabinet to draw on its own position, place the personal qr code to the body specified area scan, then according to the robot system can complete sampling voice prompt, robots will be to automation to collect samples and seal to the special equipment, and the system automatically sanitizers, largely avoid crowded and personnel contact.Zhai Qikun, general manager of Yantai Qingkejia Robotics Joint Research Institute, said that zhao Huichan, a teacher at tsinghua University’s Laboratory of Modern Mechanics and Robotic Equipment, was inspired to develop the throat swab sampling robot after the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020, when she saw how hard it was for medical workers to take samples while wearing protective clothing.Subsequently, led by Liu Xinjun and Zhao Huichan from Tsinghua University, more than 20 doctoral students from Tsinghua University and engineers from Qingkecjia Research Institute participated in the research and development.As the first pharyngeal swab sampling robot system product in the province, the robot can automatically perform force feedback and visual monitoring, and the sampling process is fully automatic, reducing the risk of infection, effectively solving the problem of manpower shortage, and realizing the “cloud” of information, supporting the background real-time query of nucleic acid test data.In large-scale nucleic acid detection, 10 in 1, 20 in 1 and other mixed detection can replace medical staff to complete pharyngeal swab sampling, sample preservation solution recovery, virus elimination and other functions, with sampling efficiency up to 42 seconds per person and sampling efficiency of 100%.It is understood that in the development process of the pharyngeal swab sampling robot, the research and development team designed and added a lot of “dark technology”.At the same time, the pharyngeal swab sampling robot also has 22 invention patents and 6 authorized patents, which are completely independent intellectual property rights, including integrated joints, torque sensors and other core components and software algorithms, and are 100% domestic.”Now it is the third generation of sampling robot, after three comprehensive upgrades and more than 20 local upgrades, all indicators meet or even exceed our original design requirements, has started mass production.”Zhai qikun said that the next step is to improve the sampling efficiency to less than 30 seconds. With the application of the pharyngeal swab sampling robot, the pressure and safety issues in nucleic acid testing will be greatly alleviated and the epidemic prevention and control work will be better assisted.