Can’t beat the crippled Blazers?Vogel you can DNP Westbrook, but you have to win!

2022-07-07 0 By

The Blazers played with only nine men, including two rookies in Greg Brown and Watford, and blevins, the end of the bench on a two-way contract.The Blazers, who lost six in a row, lost most of their regulars and key rotation players, and Winslow was the only new player to play.The lakers, on the other hand, missed Russell Westbrook by Vogel and didn’t get a second in the game.With lebron James, Kobe Bryant and Monk, the lakers are a complete team, with westbrook sidelined.It’s hard to see the Lakers not winning by 20 points against the Blazers, who have given up for the season.It turned out to be an eye-opener.The lakers were burned inside, rebounded, and had nearly twice as many turnovers without Westbrook.You monk, you Tuck, can you handle the ball?Not only did Nurkic explode inside, but Simmons also exploded outside.You wouldn’t have known the Blazers had been beaten by vice president Orlando by 18 points yesterday and the defending champion Bucks by 29 points four days earlier.Because in the game, no matter how you look at it, the Lakers are the worse side.While Dwight Howard was sitting in the paint, Nurkic made 8 of 11 shots.When westbrook is the biggest spoof on the perimeter defense, westbrook goes down and simmons scores 29 points?Even relative Kyle Blevins scored a career-high eight points.The Lakers’ perimeter defense is a joke.Vogel vogel, you can DNP Westbrook, you can challenge the front office, but you can’t beat this blazers team, how can you still be the lakers coach?# Los Angeles Lakers