A’s house slave, B’s thief (18)

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Now think of, this leadership with the old deskmate of high school is same, somebody else appreciate my meaning, already repeated expression many times.Later he often idle of nothing, keep in the other side of the road to pace up and down, it seems that there is always something to tell me, however, the nerve of I do not know what he wants to express?Such a big leader, even if he walks on the road every day, we dare not talk to him.He often stared at me, a pair of desire to speak, but also very agitated state, what he wanted to say, I do not know, so, up to now, still remember.He finally made a big show of it for the graduation photo shoot, inexplicably throwing a fit at the boys who were goofing off in class because they had to move benches and desks.The usually mild-mannered dean had such a sudden outburst that everyone was so taken aback that they hurried to move desks and benches.I was terrified, too. I thought I must be in an ugly position, running to move it in a dress that was inconvenient.As we waited in line, he made it even more clear that he was staring at me, ignoring the assistant director and the other teachers. I couldn’t remember if the principal was there or not.(None of the school leaders were there, and the line was lined up before the dean personally invited them.)I was so impressed that he stared at me until I stood in front of him. Then he turned around with satisfaction. A moment later, he turned quietly to look at me.The details are horrifying.Students and teachers looked at him, but he did not care, just like my old deskmate, he did not care how teachers and students laughed at him.It was so blatant that I had at least sat at my desk for more than two semesters.Why would the dean do that?I barely spoke to him, and I was in his good graces.As if the world suddenly fell down a Lin sister, directly hit dizzy me.With all his fanfare and bullshit, he finally got me in line for a safe C.I later all the time ineffable guilt, that station on the edge of the female teacher’s position still did not have me and my side of the classmate good, and the arrangement on my side of the classmate appearance level is not high, it seems to be for me specifically when green leaves.Later all remembered, I absolutely very modest to the somebody else to let the position, or let again and again, I again and again modest, and then by the dean again and again deliberately upset.So the line is breaking down. Everyone’s freaking out.He has not been satisfied, until a teacher understand, quickly let me do not move, as long as I do not move, others will be good position, the leadership will be satisfied, do not toss for trouble.And I never understood why I had to stay still so the others could get in line.When I was asked where I wanted to stand, I looked blank.When the teacher finally sat down, she stood up and gave me a special look.He said to himself that it would be easy to find a center for everything. I never understood what he meant by this center.It’s all coming back to me now. I’m the center.That’s what happened. There was a long line, mostly girls, making sure I was in the center of the line.His position is fixed, my position must be fixed, and it doesn’t matter how the others line up.He’s backing me up in a big way, in front of a lot of people, just to wake up a whole bunch of nerves.I and that later secretly dig my corner of the bestie, according to the graduation photo, has been on bad terms, very hate her, do not want to stand too close to her, he is also very close to take care of my mood point.Very careful. I don’t know how he knows everything.At that time, the C-position of the graduation photo was obviously far away from the center of the whole picture. The school leaders were also very face-saving. No one objected and they all sat down beside him.To this day, it is still thrilling.It was the first time I saw a group photo of graduates in the department’s big office. The nymphomaniacal behavior was under the eyes of others. They had been observing me for a long time, so they deliberately made such a move.I clearly felt his special attention.In case I didn’t understand, after the show he was standing under a tree at the corner of the road, staring at me until my hair stood on end.He was waiting for me to speak to him, but I was confused and decided to go back and think about it.No matter how stupid I am, I can see what he is trying to say.At that time, many students were jostling for the annual place to stay on campus, but the list was not finalized until we left.In previous years, the list came down early. That year, it was very late. We finally left school, and the list didn’t come down.The only place in the school to stay, he had fought for me, and even my boyfriend’s job had been arranged for me. He had been treated very well, so there was no reason to be proud and to come to such a show.I really do not know this inside story, only envy others dare to fight for, and I do not even have the courage to fight for, by his side this boyfriend disparaged nothing.’It’s better not to apply because it’s too difficult,’ he said, ‘than to end up humiliated.’How many graduates a year in the whole school, better than you, more people with background, do you think you can fight for it?Well, that’s what I was told, and I thought it made sense.I was in the dormitory there was a girl, belonging to other departments, although not as good as me, but he was beautiful, white and beautiful, her boyfriend in the last student union, detention success, ready to arrange for her to stay in school.I also heard her talk a lot of inside information, their class there is a boy in weekdays with her relationship is better, actually also secretly in contention, staged palace intrigue from her, she also gas is not good, this news or I from boyfriend where to hear to tell her.All of them wanted to stay in school, including my boyfriend. At that time, I had no idea that I was in the trap.He had a good relationship with a pair of old professors at the school at that time, and knew a lot of insider information. He did not want to stay in school, so why did he know so many insider information?’After I got the agreement, I went up to the roof and cried,’ he says. ‘I don’t know why he cried.’He is not a person who loves to cry, and should not cry several times in his life, and clearly signed a good unit, others envy too late, why does he cry?He said he was gonna do it after he got the deal, and he was gonna do it big.Both of these episodes are terrible to contemplate. I wonder what he is up to, and who has offended him.The only explanation is that he must have been told in advance how the job opportunity came about, and he should have agreed to the proposal, but he was reluctant to accept it, and later changed his mind due to greed.He even tried to leave two of them together or none at all. However, I did not understand him at all. Who and who were these two people?I’ve been kept in the dark, and he’s been in the loop, and he’s been counting his pennies, and he’s been digging his way out, and he’s been insanously jealous, and he’s been screwing things up, and I’ve been in the dark.On the one hand, he urged me not to take the initiative to go to the department to fill in the application form, saying THAT I had no hope at all, so I should not humiliate myself.As long as I do not hit this application, he has a hope, he has been trying to plot, even after he received the admission notice of a good unit, did not give up this idea.He wouldn’t mind getting an extra letter of acceptance to give him more options.And I didn’t know what he was talking about until 20 years later.