Yunnan Minzu University carries out epidemic prevention and control emergency drill

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To implement the provincial government response to the outbreak of epidemic prevention and control work conference spirit and provincial department of education requirements, improve yunnan nationalities university teachers and students staff in the face of disease related emergency disposal ability, ensure the epidemic prevention and control in emergency state school leadership system, emergency system, command system run efficiently, to ensure the safety of teachers and students, maintain campus stability, on the afternoon of March 23,,Yunnan Minzu University carries out COVID-19 prevention and control emergency drill in Yuhua Campus.School epidemic zone spreading headquarters depot launched the emergency response plan to coordinate the previous command, yunnan university for nationalities epidemic prevention and control program has been clear about the scheme and process, division of the rehearsal scene, site Settings, material reserves and other process made detailed arrangements, and the matters need to pay attention to in the process of practice put forward specific requirements, further refined division of responsibilities,Make everyone clear about the process and details of each link to ensure the familiarity, flexibility and rigor of the drill.Before the drill, the epidemic prevention and control staff at each site made thorough arrangements, detailed procedures and formulated drill scripts according to various situations they might encounter.Drill site, the secretary, zhangqiao your principal Chen Luyan scene scheduling command, school epidemic prevention and control work leading group, epidemic prevention and control program, the school hospital, defence departments effective linkage, close cooperation, in strict accordance with the campus emergency measures, epidemic prevention and control in a relatively short period of time efficiently completed response and disposal in case of emergency.When the joint Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters of the University directed and coordinated the exercise of the emergency plan, teachers and students of the school cooperated earnestly and consciously maintained the order of the exercise. The whole exercise process was smooth and orderly.At the command center, Chen Luyan announced the start of the epidemic emergency drill.After the university hospital, the Epidemic Prevention and control Office and the epidemic Prevention and control headquarters reported the positive situation of a student at the initial screening level by level, Zhang Qiaogi announced that the emergency plan for epidemic prevention and control of Yunnan University for Nationalities was immediately launched, and the drill for all aspects began.The drill is divided into five simulated scenarios.In the school gate control drill scene, with the instruction issued, the on-site medical, security, disinfection and other staff quickly took up positions, vividly simulating the scene of dissuasion and pacification when the outside staff asked to enter the school after the school gate was closed and when the teachers and students in the school asked to leave due to illness or panic.In the emergency response area of the student dormitory area, a dormitory was strictly closed after COVID-19 positive cases were found, standardized management and control of the dormitory and orderly nucleic acid collection of all staff. The whole process was orderly and smooth, and the dormitory management staff came to the site for intensive observation and learning.Control and meals in the student canteen practice link, ready-made subdivided the commander, the site administrator, food safety supervision inspector, meals, different dress team composed of staff in order to practice the notified immediately after the student canteen closed disposal, the number of statistical counting repast, according to need equipment eat, car to the staff room.In the building control and emergency drills, school administration, teaching building, floor administrators, teachers and students in class teaching building security personnel such as drill the on-site management group, logistics group and contact group first closed floor, epidemic prevention convoys, statistical information, rapid reporting information between teachers and students and obtained after the disposal decision to cooperate with the relevant follow-up work.At the same time of the above scene drill, disinfection personnel wearing protective clothing, masks and goggles, carrying disinfection equipment, followed the drill team to disinfect the campus environment.After the drill, Chen Luyan and Zhang Qiaogui gave affirmation to the drill and summarized the drill.Chen luyan stressed that the drill is a true test of the university’s epidemic prevention and control emergency response level, and all colleges and departments should continue to consolidate their responsibilities and do a good job in epidemic prevention and control.To strengthen epidemic prevention and control and responsibility consciousness in our school and every one of the party members and cadres, teachers and students staff person must be a good disease prevention and control, responsibility clear, do their job, the overall linkage, want heart to toward one place, on a make a concerted effort to pay special attention to the epidemic prevention and control work, keep the school security and stability, to ensure that the teachers and students life, health and safety.Zhang Qiaogui, the president of the university, asked all departments to make good use of the emergency drill to check and fill gaps, make up shortcomings, scientific research and judgment, refine emergency plans and other work to further improve the ability of emergency response and resolutely win the battle of epidemic prevention and control on campus.