Three ministries and commissions: the 14th Five-year Plan forbids new steel production capacity

2022-07-05 0 By

On February 7, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission, and the Ministry of Ecology and Environment issued a guideline on promoting high-quality development of the steel industry.Proposed a ban on new steel capacity.We will resolutely curb blind construction of steel smelting projects.We will use comprehensive standards to eliminate outdated production capacity in accordance with laws and regulations, and strictly prevent the resurgence of “floor bar steel” and the resumption of surplus production capacity.By enhancing innovation and development capacity, optimize the industrial layout structure, promote the enterprise merger and reorganization, strive for to 2025, the basic formation of iron and steel industry layout, reasonable structure, resources, supply stability, advanced technology and equipment, high quality outstanding brand and intelligent level, strong global competitiveness, the high quality of the green low-carbon sustainable development pattern.The Opinions put forward five development goals and 12 specific tasks.Planning institute party committee secretary li xinchuang metallurgy industry, said it was to the iron and steel industry in our country to better adapt to the green low-carbon development of new high quality requirements, the continuous deepening of supply side provide a more macro structural reform and comprehensive guidance, also for quality upgrading and low carbon steel industry transformation work has made a specific plan and arrangement.For example, as a key link, green and low-carbon development is the top priority in the transformation and upgrading of the steel industry.The Opinions put forward five targets in the main goals, including three quantitative targets of ultra-low emissions transformation of more than 80%, comprehensive energy consumption of more than 2% per ton of steel, and water resource consumption intensity reduction of more than 10%, as well as guiding goals and tasks such as industrial coupling development and carbon peak by 2030.In the aspect of low-carbon development, a series of measures, such as preparing carbon peak scheme, establishing low-carbon metallurgy innovation alliance, and constructing carbon emission data management system, are put forward.The opinions put forward that leading enterprises in the industry should be encouraged to carry out mergers and reorganizations and build a number of world-class super-large steel enterprise groups.Relying on industrial advantages of enterprises, in stainless steel, special steel, seamless steel pipe, cast pipe and other fields to cultivate 1 ~ 2 professional leading enterprises.Change the “small scattered” situation of the iron and steel industry in some areas, strengthen the endogenous driving force of enterprise development.Report from Our Newspaper (Reporter Wang Shuo) The People’s Political Consultative Conference (February 10, 2022 edition 06)