“New Year’s Eve dinner” to home!Beijing brand restaurant launches “Delicious Collection”

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Twenty-six stewed meat, New Year food is exquisite.As the flavor of the Spring Festival becomes more and more intense, what to eat and how to eat during the Spring Festival has become an agenda for many people.To understand the lock on the table of the people’s “New Year’s flavor password”, someone early for us to arrange it!Recently, the guidance of Beijing business bureau and Beijing cuisine association, food industry association, China construction bank Beijing branch joint of Beijing, together with more than hundred catering brands, nearly thousand stores “family reunion dinner to your home” theme promotional activities, a variety of “package” as you choose, such as only a custom to go home, service and giving gift to go outside the family reunion dinner, home services, etc.The ordering methods are also convenient and diverse. You can make an appointment for delivery by phone, place an order via live video or a small program. You can pick it up at the store or take it out of the store and deliver it to your home, allowing “a bite of Spring Festival food and Custom culture” to enter your home.Some brands place orders through the “CCB Life” APP, and have the opportunity to enjoy one yuan “Overlord meal”, 50% off consumption and other concessions!Such a great “New Year’s Eve dinner”, let us “unpack” in advance, know about it.A, prefabricated in advance, categories, stock enough to participate in the activities of the brand catering enterprises as early as 3 months ago began to plan the New Year’s dish products, to ensure the variety and output of the New Year’s dish gift box.This year’s “New Year’s Eve Dinner to your Home” gift box menu, both suitable for many people to share the family package, and suitable for small family “small and beautiful” economic package;There are both take-away New Year’s Eve dinner finished products, semi-finished products, and food home service new mode.The time-honored Tongheju gift box is divided into finished and semi-finished products, including a number of signature dishes, which can be customized according to customers’ tastes;Liuquanju Restaurant offers more than 30 varieties of pre-prepared Chinese New Year dishes, including steamed bread, bean paste, rice cake and other pasta snacks, as well as sauces and fried goods, which can be paired with gift boxes or purchased separately.Meizhou Dongpo new takeout booking small program, advocating “reunion dishes to take home, free hands at home for the New Year”, more than 100 meizhou Dongpo main New Year’s dishes, reunion set, hot dishes, home cooking, special snacks and so on in the small program can be customized purchase distribution home;Hua Jia Yi Yuan, Hui Xian Fu, Donglaishun, Yangfang Shengli, Xiangda company’s time-honored brands, Yulin Roast Duck, Lao Menframe quick-fried pork, Songhe Lou, Manfu Lou, Red Flower Big Bowl and other catering brands have also launched different flavors and different forms of New Year’s Eve takeout set meals;Burger King, McDonald’s, KFC, Jiahe Yipin, Yonghe King, Hongzhuangyuan, Pot King and other fast food brands have launched corresponding holiday meals;Brand chain restaurant enterprises such as Jin Ding Xuan, Purple Light Garden, Beiping Restaurant and Big Yali also launched the live broadcast of the multi-period New Year’s Eve dinner to take away.In addition, Guijie Beijing food brand Imperial Keeper, located in one of Beijing’s landmark food blocks, has cooperated with an electric vehicle to launch a “special delivery vehicle for Imperial Keeper’s New Year’s Eve dinner delivery home”, specializing in the delivery of dinner packages.Second, exquisite production, fresh ingredients, good taste in the selection of ingredients and taste lock fresh, every family has characteristics, everywhere highlight the “chef” guarantee.Tongchunyuan Restaurant: a number of family dinner sets are made by the chef team in the store, and record the precise time period of customer appointment one by one. Consumers take the set meals home on the same day, the ingredients do not need to be frozen, but can be directly served as the New Year’s Eve dinner, ensuring the taste and quality of dishes.Quanjude: Some of the lunar New Year’s Eve gift boxes were almost sold out a week ago, and the sales volume increased significantly compared with last year. We are replenishment in an orderly way to ensure that consumer demand is met.The master handmade sliced duck take-away set pioneered by the company adopts high-tech packaging techniques to retain the original flavor and flavor of the roast duck when it is brought home and solves the problem of sliced duck making. It can be directly opened at home and heated for ready-to-eat, which is popular among young consumers once it is on the market.Wangshun Pavilion: The main dish in the bonsai gift box and the family dinner gift box is fish head cake, and other dishes are matched according to the dishes with the highest ordering rate of customers in a year.Gift boxes can be taken out of store or delivered directly to your home.In order to meet the needs of diners during the Spring Festival, the restaurant has pre-stocked 200,000 jin of live fish to ensure that everyone has more than enough every year.Western MCA Group: it carefully packaged the specialty food ingredients and beef and mutton ingredients in northwest China, launched the special product gift boxes of western MCA to assist rural revitalization, and set up take-away Windows of beef and mutton in some stores.This year’s “New Year’s Eve dinner to your home” special launch of the “home” customized service is a new service model launched by catering enterprises in recent years, by the chef team and waiter team, with customized menu ingredients, tableware, etc. to the customer’s home to cook.During the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger, Dadong will launch 4 customized home menus of different specifications for 6-12 people.Meizhou Dongpo store as the center, for the surrounding customers to provide chef door-to-door service, and launched a private customized menu, to provide a safe, safe, delicious and healthy taste of home.Dadong’s Dong Home New Year products series, launched the Chinese New Year dishes set gift box, Beijing snacks gift box, pieces of duck gift box, through its own mini program and official mall pre-sale.The online sales of Jia Guolong Kung Fu dishes launched by Xibei, such as abalone braised pork in brown sauce and Buddha Tiaoqiang, have reached the best level of the enterprise.According to reliable news, Jin Fang snacks, huguo Temple snacks, Purple light garden, Crow li ji and other delicious food on behalf of the enterprise has been listed yuanxiao products, from the first day to 15, our table no longer worry about “delicious driving” also what, speed attention to the major brands of food, order your exclusive “New Year’s Eve dinner” bar.Industry to provide