Changcheng Yanggu County butterfly Beret pyramid selling organization trapped for 20 days victims revealed

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Recently, a victim trapped for 20 days in liaocheng Yanggu County butterfly Berei MLM organization, revealed to us the whole process of yanggu county MLM brainwashing and their experience of being cheated.Before I have a classmate relationship especially good, the school two years later to work together for two years, just don’t have in a separate after half a year, in July last year, that is, in 2021 he sent me a message for me to borrow money to borrow five hundred, at that time I also just found a job me I sent him two hundred, four hundred half months he message work asked me how much salary,I said to him, he said that he is better than my salary high let me think about it, I thought for a moment, usually also have a good relationship, he doesn’t have to lie to me, I said ok I go, I go a week ago, he said he was transferred to the shandong liaocheng, let me go to liaocheng, I booking, he said to my ticket screenshots, I also sent him, I arrived, I wait him for a while,He came back with a man and a woman, he said, he Shared a roommate I also didn’t think much, I arrived it was already in the afternoon, along the way he (Hu Ye le) did not give me, I want to speak and Hu Ye pleasures, always interrupted by he took the man, the man has said the toilet also follow, at eleven o ‘clock in the evening they take me back,I asked them how to get to work in the morning, he said there were shared bikes, and the woman said her cell phone was out of battery.Diebei Lei pyramid selling female:Ke li always borrow my phone, I didn’t think much, arrived, I went in after them to close the door, let I began to play CARDS, play to twelve, and said to sleep, I want my phone said they have no electricity, just don’t give me, I have a look at the bad this is definitely wrong, at that time I didn’t also the pyramid selling this thought, he said to sleep, he opened the door and I on the floor, they get down to sleep,My heart deng suddenly, thought over, I this certainly into the MLM, I got up in the middle of the night, I said that I want to go to the toilet Hu Yele brought that man up during the day to go with me, out of the house I looked outside there is a phone with them they also don’t give, after the toilet I went back to sleep, the next day I woke up early,Back door opened within a dozen man gave me a fright, and then I’m sure this is the pyramid selling, stay calm, my heart has always wanted to own and they find I talk, talk Ask my family situation, chief (li) in the first three days, they say, to my understanding Hu Ye, understand him in this is stem what of, also asked me if I want to test, I said bai,In potatoes, cabbage every day chat play CARDS to mentally disabled games in class, they don’t let your brain thinking of the time during the day, night sleep also constantly brainwash me, if they find what’s wrong with you the night life environment as shown above and pull you find you chat, is to not let you sleep, and let you drink water when having a meal during the day,Every exam have safe havens from different head to test you, some good cop some bad cop, so everyday, in 20 days, I have already planned escape plan, check for epidemic prevention and control of the first day 24 when the village went to my place, I think they are a group at the beginning, dare not say, then I’m watching their behavior is different,I want to say when they want to go, I think I finished this is true, I didn’t think they are back, I’m standing in the front, the village chief stood behind me, I turned around and whispered village head is this pyramid selling, said the two chief didn’t listen to clear, I will shout out says this is a pyramid scheme, the village chief took me to go out and then block to the pyramid sales personnel and otherAfter the village cadre came out to lock the door, the village head called the police and took me to the village brigade, then the police took people away, including me, after making it clear THAT I left.In the future, if your friend wants to introduce you to work, you should go to his work unit first. Don’t let him pick you up. Let him send the address.