A drunk man lies about his brother’s identity in an attempt to escape punishment when police check him for drunk driving.

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In order to further purify the road traffic environment, effectively curb drunk driving, drunk driving and other traffic violations, in recent days, Wuhan Jiangxia district traffic brigade organized police in the area to carry out drunken driving night centralized rectification action, a total of 9 drunk driving, drunk driving 4 cases.At about 20:30 on March 29, a car was stopped by police. During a breathalyzer test, a breathalyzer bar suggested drinking alcohol. Later, the man driving the car was breathalyzed and the result was 90mg/100ml.When the police verified the driver’s documents, the driver said he did not take, and reported an ID number to the police for verification, police in the verification of the information, found that the personnel and the man is more similar, but there is still a gap in age, the driver also lied that it is his photos before he became a soldier.Police through further inquiry and comparison, found that the driver’s actual name is Wu Mou Jun, he reported the name of Wu Mou min is his brother, because he is B2 driver’s license, usually rely on driving a big car to make a living, worried about drunk driving afraid of being affected, fluke lied about his brother’s information, in an attempt to escape punishment.Then the police took him to the hospital for blood test, the blood test result was 105.5mg/100ml, suspected of drunk driving motor vehicle.Finally, according to the law, Wu was prosecuted for criminal responsibility for drunk driving, and his motor vehicle driving license was revoked and he could not apply for it again within 5 years.Because of his fluke personally “smashed” his rice bowl, Wu Mou jun regrets not at the beginning.Jiangxia traffic police to remind the majority of driver friends, Qingming Festival is approaching, outing, mourning activities increased, traffic control departments to carry out regular drunk driving regulation, please remember “drink not to drive, drive not to drink”, to ensure the safety of driving!More exciting information please download “extreme news” client in the application market, do not reprint without authorization, welcome to provide news clues, once adopted will pay.24-hour information hotline 027-86777777.