Want to taste something new in early spring?Don’t miss these 12 spring wild vegetables. Wait a year after this season

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In early spring, these 12 fresh and tender vegetables are widely available. After this season, you have to wait for a year.Today is February 5th, yesterday was the start of spring.After the start of Spring comes the official arrival of spring.Spring is the best time to eat all kinds of green vegetables in season, which is very good for your health.Spring is also a good season to eat wild vegetables, spring days, all kinds of wild vegetables, grow out.Spring, especially in the early spring, all kinds of wild vegetables are very fresh and tender, the most suitable for eating.Early spring wild vegetables are: shepherd’s purse, houttuynia, wormwood and other wild vegetables are very good.A, shepherd’s purse shepherd’s purse is the winter to spring of wild vegetables, after the early spring bloom elders.Shepherd’s purse is also the most fresh and tender wild vegetables in early spring.Shepherd’s purse leaves color is dark green and brown, the leaves have a lot of gear shape, the root is white.Shepherd’s purse is generally born in the vegetable field, or more ridges in the field.Shepherd’s purse contains A lot of vitamin calcium, phosphorus, A, B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin D, iron and A large number of nutrients such as crude fiber.There are many ways to eat shepherd’s purse, including: shepherd’s purse dumplings, shepherd’s purse wonton, shepherd’s purse scrambled eggs, shepherd’s purse egg cake, shepherd’s purse cold and so on.Shepherd’s purse shepherd’s purse dumplings: 1, pork skin washed cut into small pieces, chopped into minced meat, ginger washed and chopped into meat.2, shepherd’s purse wash, put into the boiling water blanching 1 minutes out, pinch dry water, chopped into the meat.3. Add salt, light soy sauce, oyster sauce, pepper and five spice powder to the meat and mix them well. Wrap them into dumplings and cook them in boiling water.Two, small root garlic in early spring is a large number of small root garlic growth out of the time.Small root garlic leaves are dark green, the root is Snow White, like garlic seedlings, so the name is small root garlic.Small garlic smell fragrant, is a very good wild vegetables.Small garlic generally grow in rural roadside, or ridges, slopes and other places.Early spring is the most suitable for digging small root garlic used for cooking, fried eggs, fried meat, are very delicious meal.Small root garlic small root garlic fried eggs: 1, small root garlic to wash yellow leaves, cut into small sections, ginger washed and sliced.2, put the egg liquid into the bowl, add pepper, stir well with chopsticks.3, the pot into the cooking oil, oil heat into the egg and stir fry until flocculent, add ginger slices, small garlic stir fry evenly, add salt and stir fry until cooked plate can be.Wild spicy vegetables wild spicy vegetables have broad leaves and are dark green in color.Wild spicy vegetables have a special smell and are very good wild vegetables.Wild spicy vegetables are also widely colored wild vegetables.Many people like to blanch wild spicy vegetables and make them into soy vegetables (sauerkraut) for stir-frying or cooking noodles, which are very delicious.Wild spicy pickled cabbage practice: 1, put spicy vegetables into clean water control dry water.2. Pour the water into the pot and bring to a boil. Blanch the spicy vegetables for 1 minute and put them into a glass container.3. Pour clear water into the pot and bring to a boil. Add a spoonful of flour, bring to a boil and stir well.The Chinese toon bud is a kind of seasonal wild vegetable in early spring, which is gone after spring.The Chinese toon is the first bud on the Chinese toon tree. It is red and dark green in color and has a strong smell.The leaves need to be blanched before cooking.Chinese toon bud is a wild vegetable that many people love to eat. Chinese toon bud is a very delicious wild vegetable in spring. It can be used to fry vegetables, fried eggs and fried tofu.Chinese toon bud fried eggs: 1, toon leaves with clean water, put into boiling water blanching 1 minutes out chopped.2, into the bowl of eggs, pepper, stir well with chopsticks.3, the pot into the cooking oil, oil heat into the egg stir fry into flocculent, add toon leaves, salt, light soy sauce stir fry cooked plate.Chinese cabbage is the right amount of vegetables in spring. When the temperature rises in spring and the land in the countryside is wet, a layer of wild vegetables like fungus grows on the surface of the land. It is called Chinese cabbage.It’s a very good wild vegetable, and it’s good for scrambled eggs, fried tofu, or stuffed buns with minced meat.Chinese cabbage fried eggs: 1, Chinese cabbage into clean water, ginger washed and sliced, green red pepper washed and sliced.2. Add egg, pepper and salt to the bowl and stir well with chopsticks.3, the pot into the cooking oil, oil heat into the egg and stir into a floc, add green pepper, ginger, cabbage and stir evenly, add light soy sauce and stir fry until cooked plate can be.The color of ferns is dark green and dark purple. There are a lot of hairs on the stalks of ferns. They are usually grown on mountains.Ferns are one of the wild vegetables we grew up with.I remember going up to the mountains as a child to pick ferns and bring them back to dry for cooking meat.Ferns are a kind of wild vegetables that many people love to eat. They are best for blanching after cold, or blanching after drying and frying meat. They are very delicious.Ferns are now slowly coloring one of the wild vegetables, after the spring on the elder.1, dried ferns with clear water hair wash cut into small sections, red pepper wash cut strips, ginger wash and slice.2. Wash lean meat, shred it, put it on a plate, add light soy sauce, salt, pepper, starch and marinate for 15 minutes.3, the pot into the cooking oil, oil heat into the lean meat stir fry color, add ferns, ginger, pepper stir fry evenly, add salt, pepper stir cooked plate.Houttuynia houttuynia is a very good wild vegetable in spring. The front of houttuynia leaves is dark green, the back is purplish red, the root is white, and the stem is purplish red.Houttuynia was named houttuynia because it smelled like fish.Houttuynia houttuynia is a kind of clean after adding seasonings and mixing well can be eaten.Houttuynia cordata is a popular wild vegetable in Sichuan, Yunnan and other places.1. Put houttuynia into clean water and wash it into a plate. Wash and cut garlic.2. Add minced garlic, salt, balsamic vinegar, light soy sauce, chili oil and sesame oil to houttuynia and mix them well to eat.Dandelion dandelion is one of the wild vegetables common in the countryside.Dandelions are dark green in color, with many toothed openings on the leaves and small yellow flowers in the middle.Dandelion is a kind of medicinal and edible wild vegetables, is a very good raw material for tea.Dandelion is also a wild vegetable that grows in spring.Dandelion has a slightly bitter taste and needs to be blanched for salad, tea or porridge.Dandelion dandelion tea 1, dandelion wash dry water, medlar wash clean.2, add dandelion and goji berries to the cup, pour into boiling water to drink.Dandelion Tea 9. Elm Money Elm Money is a kind of fruit that grows on the elm tree.Yuqian is green in color and a wild vegetable grown in spring.Yuqian is a very good wild vegetable, which can be used to make wowtou, steamed and cooked with flour, or fried with eggs.Yuqian is a wild vegetable that many people love to eat.Yuqian is of high nutritional value, containing vitamins, calcium, protein and other nutrients.Yuqian Yuqian wowtou practice: 1, yuqian with clean water control dry water.2, add corn flour and flour to the bowl, yuqian, water mix well, make it by hand, put into the steamer.3. Cover with the lid, steam through the water and serve with the dipping material.The leaves of kouma are dark green and very long. They are usually grown in the mountains.As its name suggests, it is bitter and needs to be blanched before cooking.Bitter hemp dish is a kind of medicinal and edible wild vegetables, is a very good wild vegetables.Taking bitter vegetables in moderation is good for our health.Bitter hemp is also a wild vegetable that grows in spring.Bitter ma dish cold mix bitter ma dish dry method: 1, dry bitter ma dish with clear water hair wash, garlic skin wash and finely chopped.2, add salt to bitter ma dish, light soy sauce, garlic mix well, doused with hot oil can be.Water celery Water celery is also wild celery, is a kind of wild celery that grows near water.The leaves are dark green and the stalks are purplish red, giving it a peculiar smell.Water celery can be used for stir-frying, or for cooking meat.Water celery is also a wild vegetable that grows in spring, and there is no wild celery after this season.Water celery water celery fried meat: 1, pork belly wash cut into thin slices, chili wash slice, ginger wash slice.2. Wash wild celery, remove the leaves and cut the stalks into small pieces.3, the pot into the cooking oil, oil heat into the pork and stir fry the oil, add ginger, pepper, celery and stir fry evenly, add salt, light soy sauce, pepper and stir fry until cooked plate can be.Yin Chen Yin Chen is a kind of spring seasonal wild vegetables, Yin Chen alias is also called white wormwood, leaves have a lot of white hair.Every year before March is the most tender wormwood, after march, it is too old to eat.Wormwood can be used to make tea or steam cooked food with flour.There are many benefits to our health when we eat wormweed in moderation.The way to steam wormwood powder: 1. Clean wormwood with clean water and control dry water for reserve.2, Yin Chen control dry water, add flour, salt mix well into the steamer, water fire steamed, with dipping material can be eaten.Do you want to taste fresh in early spring?Don’t miss these 12 spring wild vegetables. Wait a year after this season.These are 12 kinds of wild vegetables on the market in spring.These 12 kinds of wild vegetables: ferns, wormwood, shepherd’s purse, cabbage, houttuynia and other wild vegetables are over after the spring is not, to wait for the spring of the second year.For friends who want to eat wild vegetables, you can go to the vegetable market to buy some back to try fresh.The above pictures of wild vegetables and eating method is for reference only, specific or in kind.Do not know uncertain wild vegetables do not pick, so as not to mistake food.I am @Hubei yan Zi  welcome to leave a comment, or follow me, thank you!