His mother sent for help and, in desperation, he dialed “Help” and commandos brought medicine to his home

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On April 2, pudong New District laogang dispatch office and laogang neighborhood committee commandos received a letter of thanks from residents in the area.Residents qi Wei flat for the mother of solitary match not targeted drug anxiety extremely.Desperate, he called the old Gang police station, “life-saving medicine” the next day finally successfully delivered to the old man’s hands.Picture: Qi Weiping wrote a letter of thanks to the interview of the subject of the picture On March 31, an old man who lived alone was so anxious that he cried to his son: Puxi has also been locked up, tomorrow is the time to make an appointment to puxi Hospital to fill the medicine, what should I do?His mother’s helpless voice made him helpless.He and his mother were respectively locked in different communities, the mother to match the targeted drug “Terisha”, is a life-saving drug, life-saving drugs, a day is not good.Qi Weiping immediately sought help from all parties, but no results.In despair, he suddenly thought of the old Port police station.With a tentative attitude, he dialed the phone.Unexpectedly, Shen deputy director listened to his appeal, immediately contacted secretary ni of the neighborhood committee.Ni secretary sent commandos rushed to Puxi the next day, to help the old man with life-saving medicine and sent to the old man.Afterwards, Qi Weiping for the old port town police station, and residents committee commandos sent a letter of thanks.In the letter of thanks mentioned old harbor neighborhood committee commando captain Huang Yadan and team member Gu Li.When they heard the help message, they were also very worried, thinking that they must help the old man to get the medicine as soon as possible.Although there will be a lot of uncertainty to puxi across the river, but Huang Yadan has not so much care, with the elderly medical record card and temporary pass and team gu Li set out.Perhaps it was the testimonies of the front-line epidemic prevention workers, or the strength of the red vest of the volunteer Party members, that made the journey relatively smooth and finally arrived at the hospital with medicines.Due to help and the old man respectively live in different communities, and the old man lives outside the town, Huang Yadan and Gu Li went to the old man’s residence, and the medicine to the hands of the old man, Huang Yadan said: “although the drug dispensing twists and turns, but the special period, we are very happy, and more to help a person.”Xinmin Evening News reporter Wang Jun