French blogger Camilleyolaine basic color upper body is everyday and fashionable with French retro lazy feeling

2022-07-04 0 By

Today, T will introduce Camilleyolaine, a fashion blogger from France, who dresses with retro atmosphere, rich colors, warm and romantic.Jeans are one of the most common pants we wear. Blue baggy jeans are paired with a green sweater, and you can’t wear French without a scarf.Black is also a low-key color. Don’t think that coffee and black will look old and dark. On the contrary, this is a group of very friendly colors.A red plaid coat and jeans, paired with a belt, will show off your figure.Overall thin thin, tall will be very comfortable, wen Wan.Of course, this collocation is very suitable for the student party, or everyone leisure, go out to chat with friends, drink milk tea can be so collocation.This pink plaid blazer is xiao Xiang style, the version is also very loose, so a bit cool feeling, with a basic, versatile white bottom shirt, with a small black pants, simple and elegant collocation.Disclaimer: The pictures come from the network, and the copyright belongs to the copyright owner