Fitness to welcome winter Olympics, 7 city-owned public sports venues open for Spring Festival!

2022-07-04 0 By

In order to further implement the Requirements of the Basic Public Service Standards for Public Stadiums and Gymnasiums issued by the General Administration of Sport of The People’s Republic of China, the national fitness activities will be widely carried out during holidays and holidays. Taking the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic And Paralympic Games as an opportunity,Seven municipal public sports venues will be open to the public during the Spring Festival holiday (From January 31 to February 6).Spring Festival does not close, the venue service quantity is sufficient price excellent, follow small body to go sports together!Citizens can check specific open venues, business hours and preferential prices, and book fitness programs and venues through the wechat mini program of “Shanghai Sports Facility Management Center”.In order to prevent and control the epidemic, people are required to wear masks, show a green code and take their temperatures when entering or leaving stadiums during the Spring Festival holiday.The opening of seven municipal venues during the Spring Festival