13. Students with difficulties in learning often make mistakes in their homework. Bad habits cannot be corrected.

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In theory, taking the time to complete a 100-point paper and getting 80 points and learning to deduct 20 points is the real gain.The wrong question is 100 points!But the truth is, too many kids make mistakes every time they do their homework, score points every time they take a test, and make the same type of mistakes over and over again.There are two reasons: one is not to learn a good error correction method, the other is not to develop a good habit of learning.Error correction invalid portrait: 1, can not calm down to correct mistakes, do, show others;Copy the wrong topic, very tired, afraid of trouble;3, not “study the wrong topic”, but to cope with, follow the trend, the form;No patience, can’t insist on!A fall into the pit, a gain in your wit.He is no wiser by eating N times.Play is the nature of children!1, find out the cause of the mistake, thinking about their doing this problem where wrong, which step stuck in, where the thinking is limited.Such as the title copy wrong, wrong formula, middle number calculation error, operation order error, unclear, confused concept.2. Keep traces of mistakes and mark special symbols to warn yourself. Pay special attention to the mistakes every time you review to ensure that no mistakes are made twice.4. Retrospective review, combing and summarizing the knowledge points involved in the topic, and record them beside.5, do it again, and then do 1-2 exercises of the same type to consolidate.6, do wrong 1, teach 3 people.Remember that teaching for learning’s sake is most effective.Imitate adaptation, change and then practice, or create a new problem, pondering analysis.8. Write in the wrong question book.Often classified, systematic sorting, the formation of “essence”, “the best”.Be a treasure of learning!9, systematic review, strengthen memory, mark “√” (already understood) “?”(legacy) “△” (key breakthrough) “★” (very important), review the process of first sparse after close!In this way, students on the wrong topic, not only know and know why, coupled with the students of the same type of topic consolidation, strengthening, students in the future exam can make less or do not make repeated similar mistakes.With good habits of learning method, crack “teachers, parents education children how to do ten thousand” problem, remove parents education children’s anxiety, very simple, please continue to pay attention to!Welcome to share comments, ask questions, everyone do a little public welfare activities, let more children out of the learning predicament!Never put play against study!Next lecture: the wrong topic, are said to lift points artifact, are in use, but many students will not use, acts of trouble do not improve results, how to do?