Why did the Ming Dynasty only exist for 276 years?

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Introduction Zhu Yuanzhang opened up the peak of central military centralization, Zhu Di created a peak heyday, leaving advanced system and wealth of heyday to the later generations, although the later monarchs are stupid emperors, but the descendants are too incompetent, will be Lost to the concept of Zhu Yuanzhang, and there is no ability to control Zhu Di.The existence of 276 years is already a very good achievement, zhu Yuanzhang and Zhu Di’s blessing, can protect them for generations, but also can not achieve eternal dynasty.The Ming Dynasty had a very large military force.It is recorded that in the 25th year of Hongwu, the number of Ming officials reached 1,214,931.Hongwu 26 years, the establishment of the world’s capital department of defense, internal and external defense a total of 329, guarding a thousand households of 65, the total forces reached 1.91 million people.After the establishment of the world, Zhu Yuanzhang learned from the experience of the Tang and Song dynasties and optimized the military structure of the Ming Army, so that the centralized power of the Ming army reached its peak.1. After the establishment of the Ming Dynasty, Zhu Yuanzhang set up a health office – “from the Capital city to the counties and counties set up health offices”.All over the country, it can be said that the “star set chess”, but between the health and health, but not the same.The first place to focus on, is the capital.According to “Ming Shu” contained in “the accumulation of heavy momentum in the Imperial capital.Xuan Arc wei, about three hundred thousand soldiers, rock fu three hundred thousand, side belly less than one and a half million “.In the capital, there were 600,000 soldiers deployed, accounting for more than a quarter of the national army.Therefore, Yang Bo, an important official of the Ming Dynasty, once said: “The soldiers of Jingying, specially set up for the Capital, ancestral residence heavy yu light, strong stem weak branches, meaning very far-reaching.”This deployment of “strong stem and weak branches” absorbed the hidden danger of the tang Dynasty’s silo structure.The best soldiers in the world in the capital, once the world turmoil, they immediately sent out, no matter when also played a deterrent authority.Fundamentally put an end to the tang dynasty town and vassal separate soil.In terms of fighting power, it combined the practice of military garrison troops, and implemented the system of succession of military officers and training of officers and troops.It has further enhanced the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the army.And according to the war achievements to develop a perfect reward system.In the 11th year of Hongwu, he formulated the “Rules for the reward of saving money for sergeants”, and “ordered the guards to give it to them according to their schedule”.In terms of management, Hongwu issued 29 “military laws” in 15 years, which clearly stipulated the number of soldiers and horses in the wei Institute, the ranks of guards, and the forbidden guarding of the palace by the old and young.In the 21st year of Hongwu, he was awarded the imperial imperial decree and made eight provisions on the duties of the imperial officials.This is tantamount to the founding of the group of tiger Wolf division to draw the road, at this time the Ming Army fighting capacity, absolutely explode.In order to control the military power more effectively, in the thirteenth year of Hongwu, Zhu Yuanzhang abolished the grand Governor-general’s office and set up five governors-left, right, front, rear and middle.Directly under the direct jurisdiction of the emperor, and between the prefectures do not belong to each other, the power of the generals to divide and rule.They contained and guarded each other.In areas under the control of the governor-general’s office, other governor-general’s offices were assigned to health centers, and flowers were arranged in each other’s areas, creating a situation of overlapping teeth.So far the world is big, the trouble of silos can be divided.3. The government, ministry and prime minister system divided the grand Governor’s office into five parts, taking back the military and political power of the governor’s office and leaving the power of military control alone.Formed the government, part of the diversion, between the two, do not belong to each other, and can not exceed.For example: the rate of troops out of the division, first of all, the army department to request, five house shall not interfere.And when they are done, they shall return to the house, the soldiers to the camp, and the seal to the king.Although the governor-general’s office had the power to control the troops, it could not interfere in the daily military training of the Duwei.Only have the yamen and seal, dealing with conventional government affairs, achieved and will separate the purpose.In the Ming Dynasty, soldiers will be selfless, soldiers will be selfless, this is a peak of military centralization.But out on the battlefield, is also to do a lot of precautions.For example: the external war, the need to lead the troops out.Instead of choosing a single commander, the imperial court would choose a number of generals of equal ability or authority to assist it.Before hanging, will be “flat thief”, “beg thief”….”General”, “vice general” and other marks are given at any time.To ensure the constraints of military power, to avoid the situation of a monopoly.5, Beijing wei mutual system of the best soldiers in the world live in the Capital division, and the Capital division will also belong to the jurisdiction of the five government, in order to avoid the emergence of the overall situation, so the establishment of the military mechanism and ling Wei.The Imperial Army was the so-called emperor’s army, with the jinyi guard as the main force and the commanding department of the imperial army, commanding the twenty-second guard.In addition, there are the ministry of Works, and yongqing, Pengcheng and other ling wei.In the comparison of forces, and the five fu soldiers reached a certain balance.Zhu yuanzhang in on the way, reached the peak of the army on the Ming dynasty, also reached the peak of the centralized military, military architecture for the Ming dynasty, laid a firm foundation, although the surface at the end of the Ming dynasty, and again on the path of the warlords, but it is only the later, the king of the incompetent and army corruption and corrupt officials, led to the army battle effectiveness gradually weak,It was the end of the dynasty.Two, the peak of military capacity, Zhu Yuanzhang can say that the beginning of the Ming Military power, although the use of heavy text light military measures.And issued decrees, it is strictly prohibited eunuchs pre-political point soldiers, and the production of iron list hanging in the palace gate, so that future generations follow.But the Ming dynasty has become a more serious eunuch play power in a dynasty.And this starts with Zhu Di.Zhu Di in the “Jing Difficult battle” victory, because in the war, some eunuchs set up outstanding war achievements, since then eunuchs began to gradually into the Ming Dynasty political stage, to yongle years, not only pre-politics, but also the military, did not get out of hand.During the Reign of Yongle, military capabilities also reached a peak.It is recorded that during the reign of Hongwu, there were 48 guards stationed in five battalions in the capital, and by the time of Yongle, the number was increased to 72 guards in five battalions, three thousand battalions and three shenqi battalions.However, the authorities still feel inadequate to the strength of the Beijing division, and in the name of the class army round gather Beijing division, sent Henan, Shandong, Zhongdu, Daning four division officer army 160,000 in the Capital, in the capital of the old teaching month training.And the Ming army, from The period of Zhu Yuanzhang 1.91 million, increased to 3.1 million, the national strength reached a peak of the Ming Dynasty, although in the middle of Jiajing, the Ming army reached more than 4 million, but in terms of troops and combat power, should be the strongest yongle years.From the 7th year of Yongle to the 22th year of Yongle, the Ming Army launched five military campaigns against Mongolia, three of which were by Zhu Di himself.In the third time, the northern expedition troops as high as 500, 000 troops, can be seen the strong army front.More than 800, 000 troops were deployed earlier against Annan.This is not the so-called “million army” in the romance of The Three Kingdoms, but the reality of the million army.The so-called “southern suppression and northern expedition, weijia fang outside”, the achievement of the Ming dynasty.Zhu Yuanzhang’s absolute centralization of military system, in a sense, laid the foundation for Ming dynasty’s longevity.Under this system, although most of the later emperors were stupid emperors, they still ruled for 276 years.However, the reason for the defeat and death of the later generations is that they lost the ability of military centralization, leading to the self-respect of officers and the loss of the principle of “commanding the army and commanding the light”.And Zhu Di created the Ming dynasty’s peak national strength and military strength, but it violated the concept of Zhu Yuanzhang eunuch should not interfere in politics, so that the later generations by the court, eunuch harm.Although in the period of Zhu Di, there was also the birth of zheng He, a famous eunuch, but his descendants were unable to control the various forces, resulting in a corrupt army, eunuch dictatorship and constant party disputes.