Supporting environmental protection with actions, GP Super Leader leads the development of green battery

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With the rapid development of science and technology in China, modern intelligent technology products are full of every scene around us. Whether it is life, work or entertainment, we are inseparable from all kinds of modern equipment, and many of them are inseparable from the energy supply of batteries.Driven by “double carbon” target in recent years, people’s environmental protection consciousness to energy conservation and emissions reduction is higher and higher, more consumers tend to choose recycled rechargeable batteries, and GP super besides remarkable achievements in the field of alkaline battery, at the same time in the field of rechargeable batteries layout for many years, now in rechargeable battery technology and experience, etc in industry and has the international leading position, are used both at home and abroadFamily love.GP super, in addition to the alkaline battery, nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries, special batteries and other products, with mature technology, stable performance, high safety, convenient use, wide application range, high cost performance, etc. The very forward-looking strategic vision and highly advanced technology innovation level, reflect the GP super strength as an international well-known brands.In the current battery market, rechargeable battery is still the first choice of thousands of users, so it can be seen that in the future for a long time, rechargeable battery in the industry and consumers in the mind of the position cannot be replaced.As early as its establishment in 1964,GP Super Boss has been dedicated to technological research and development and the pursuit of excellence. Over the years,GP Super Boss battery has invested a lot of manpower, material resources, financial resources and other costs in technological research and development. Decades of constant research and development has made GP Super Boss’s position in the battery field unshakable.In terms of technology research and development, SUPER Battery LABS in China and Singapore have been recognized by more than 90 countries and regions around the world.The lab in Hong Kong, China is the first of 6 LABS in Mainland China and Hong Kong to obtain ULWTDP and 5 LABS in this region to obtain UL
One of CTF accredited laboratories.In terms of products, Super Battery breaks the limit of the battery industry and creates Recyko green “very charge” charging kit, which can charge from 0 to more than 90% in 10 minutes, setting up a speed milestone in the field of rechargeable battery.In the ever-changing battery industry, GP super Boss continues to perceive the needs of users, leads the green development of the industry, meets the needs of users in various scenarios of battery use, and highly practices the enterprise’s mission of environmental protection.As an industry leader,GP Super Boss will give full play to its industry experience and leading brand advantages, continue technological innovation, and lead the battery industry to develop steadily and go to a better battery era.