Cash 464,000 yuan!67 people who reported illegal entry and exit were rewarded

2022-07-03 0 By

Recently, with the consent of the leading group for the Prevention and control of novel Coronavirus pneumonia in Jingxi city, the Public Security Bureau of Jingxi city has collected RMB 464,000 in reward funds for reporting illegal entry and exit persons.In order to further expand the sources of information clues for illegal entry-exit personnel and improve the effectiveness of the crackdown and rectification work, Jingxi has widely publicized the reward policy since 2021 to encourage the public to actively report illegal entry-exit personnel clues and jointly participate in the border control work.After verification by the Public Security Bureau of Jingxi city and approval of the leading Group for prevention and control of Pneumonia in Novel Coronavirus, the reward amount of RMB 464,000 yuan was paid to 67 people who had confirmed the clues, which was well received by the public.In the next step, Jingxi city will continue to promote the reward mechanism for information reporting of illegal entry-exit personnel, hoping that the general public will actively report information of illegal entry-exit personnel, and create a strong atmosphere for the whole society to work together to crack down on illegal entry-exit personnel activities.1. For those who provide relevant clues and verify them, a reward of RMB 1000 will be given to each illegal person who wants to leave the country.2. For those who provide relevant clues and verify them, RMB 8000 yuan will be awarded for each illegal entry and exit person detected.3. For those who provide relevant clues and verify them, the reward will be RMB 6,000 for each criminal suspect who transports or organizes others to illegally cross China’s borders.The police reminded the general public to actively cooperate and objectively report illegal entry and exit personnel clues;Those who falsely report police information, fabricate or spread false information, or falsely accuse others under the pretext of reporting will also be investigated for legal responsibility.Source: Jingxi Public Security