My opinion about canceling middle school entrance examination diversion

2022-07-02 0 By

My advice is split is better than no split!Shunt is the effective measure to reduce the burden of students, is the hope of students!Out of the idea of aspiring to become a dragon, hope female chengfeng, many parents have a great prejudice on the diversion of the middle school entrance examination.Their reason is that the tree nature straight, many middle and high school is not good children, because they are not sensible, when they get to high school, they are sensible, they become like learning.This idea is wrong, although does not rule out tens of thousands of a few may have the probability of the existence of this situation, the reality is that if junior high school is not good, high school are not tested on the children, it is difficult to catch up with the opportunity and ability of the students in front.This part of the children if the junior high school diversion, now under the policy, five years later to get a college degree, according to the parents tree nature straight concept, if they are sensible at that time, there is the opportunity to continue the college entrance examination on the undergraduate.If we have to squeeze them into high school, the parents and children will suffer for three years, according to the current college admission probability, they still can not go to college, or college, which is the best?See the annual college entrance examination admission report, there are some parents think that if they go to high school, they can be admitted to college. In fact, they do not know that the published admission ratio includes three and junior college.The country’s education policy has been very good, many years ago, many rural children graduated from junior middle school, even the opportunity to attend technical school, let alone what college.One of the current policies is to make it easier for those who struggle to study to get a college diploma, and for those who have the ability to go to college to get a bachelor’s degree.In the current social environment, we should feel that, in addition to the chance to change our fate (for example, to enter a famous university, you can enter a high income and decent position), there is also the fate of personality, get a college degree, less hardship, early contact with the society, as long as the progress can be as colorful life.