Letter of sympathy from Jiangxi Provincial Fire and Rescue Corps Committee

2022-07-02 0 By

Provincial fire rescue personnel, retired cadres and their families: Taurus to bid farewell to the old year, jade tiger to welcome the New Year.On the occasion of the approaching of the Spring Festival, the Corps Party Committee would like to extend the greetings and best wishes to you!2021 is a milestone year in the history of the Party and the country, as well as a year for the reform and all-round development of jiangxi fire rescue cause.In the department, the bureau party committee and provincial party committee, the provincial government under the strong leadership of the provincial fire rescue teams draw political nutrients from one hundred years of history of the party, feel its power from xi had a cordial meeting with general secretary, up and down with the desire, and work together, difficult to overcome, yong yi, firmly get the jiangxi fire rescue enterprise reform and development of new path,Success and fighting and winning daqing security, assistance, nanchang “11.22” dormitory building collapse rescue fight, the successful completion of more than 55000 combat missions on duty, successively more than 33000 people evacuated to rescue trapped people, create a harmonious and stable internal and external development environment, built the director up to a good business environment, for the founding in one hundred created a good fire safety environment.On the occasion of the third anniversary of the presentation of the flag, Yi Lianhong, party Secretary of the provincial Party Committee, and Ye Jianchun, governor of the provincial Party Committee, met with representatives of the firefighting heroes and models. The provincial Party Committee and the provincial government awarded the corps with the collective First-class merit. The main leaders of the Fire and Rescue Bureau approved that “the old area Corps has a new look”, and 221 collectives and individuals were recognized at the provincial and ministerial level (including departments) or above.These achievements come from the scientific guidance of general Secretary Xi Jinping’s important sermon spirit, thanks to the strong leadership of the Ministry of Emergency Management, fire and Rescue Bureau, provincial Party committee and provincial government, and inseparable from the strong support of party committees and governments at all levels, all walks of life and the people, pouring into the hard work of the province’s fire and rescue workers.Full of retired cadres’ concern and the vast number of family members’ selfless dedication, here to express our heartfelt thanks and high respect!The wind was just setting sail and forging ahead.The New Year, the provincial fire rescue teams to adhere to xi jinping, general secretary of important precepts spirit as the guide, vigorously carry forward the great spirit of the founding, always keep “descend” awake, all work closely around for the party’s great victory at 20 create the security and stability of fire safety environment the main line, focusing on “a demonstration be first” target,Insists on “seek improvement in stability, thrift’s new work”, highlight the crucial political lead, reform, system integration, quality is strong, tamper base to thrift, comprehensively deepen the reform of the team, fully integrated into the overall development, the construction of a comprehensive specification, efforts to create red gene inheritance highlands, international giants, law enforcement, fire fighting and rescue work for the people satisfied with the team, the safe development model collective,High level of fire safety service jiangxi economic and social high-quality development, with first-class performance to welcome the party’s twenty victory held!Wish comrades in the New Year and shun xiang, happiness, huhu shengwei!Jiangxi Provincial Fire and Rescue Corps Committee January 26, 2022