Hehe, Johnson updated his microblog after a lapse of 3 months and posted a message in Chinese about Putin

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson also mentioned Russian President Vladimir Putin in a post on his Weibo account @Pm in Chinese on Thursday afternoon (Beijing time).”We are on the edge of a cliff, but President Putin still has time to step back and think.We urge everyone to engage in dialogue — the Russian government should avoid decisions that would be disastrously wrong for the country.””Johnson wrote on Twitter.The deterioration of Russia-Ukraine relations has accelerated recently, with both sides deploying a large number of military personnel and equipment along their border.The United States, Ukraine and NATO claim that Russia has massed heavy forces on the border with Ukraine and may be preparing for an “invasion” of Ukraine.Russia denies the claim.It is worth mentioning that the last post of @British Prime Minister was on November 12, 2021, which was about climate action between China and the US.Britain’s performance is particularly striking amid continuing tensions between Russia and Ukraine.On January 23, western media outlets put a British Foreign Office “latest intelligence” report on Russia’s “invasion of Ukraine” on the top of their websites.”There is evidence that Russia is trying to install a Pro-Russian leader in Kiev following its invasion of Ukraine,” the statement declared.This was later contradicted by Russia, whose foreign ministry said: “The disinformation spread by the British Foreign Office is yet another evidence that it is NATO, led by the Anglo-Saxons, that is escalating tensions in Ukraine.”Britain is also one of the few Western countries to send troops and weapons to Ukraine.Britain has supplied Ukraine with thousands of new anti-tank missiles and has sent 30 troops to the country to train its armed forces to use them, according to the British Ministry of Defense website.Britain’s defence secretary, Ben Wallace, has compared diplomatic efforts by some Western countries to ease tensions with the “appeasement” they adopted in the run-up to the second world war, declaring that “Munich is in the air”.Agence France-Presse commented that the British defence secretary was suggesting that some Western countries were not being tough enough on Russia.Some Russian media analysis believes that Britain is so radical, in addition to the long-term conflict with Russia, and Johnson himself factors — for the recent uproar of the “party door” scandal to escape.Last week, during a visit to Poland, The Russian news agency Sputnik said Johnson unexpectedly flew to Warsaw with hundreds of British soldiers, and the British prime minister publicly took Churchill as an example.When Mr Johnson was fighting to avoid being ousted by his own party colleagues over the “party gate” scandal, he made surprise visits to eastern Europe in an attempt to appear as a noble defender against what he called “Russian aggression”.(the original title: ha ha, Johnson after 3 months to update weibo, Chinese propaganda putin) source: the web | authors Ding Jieyun process editor: TF010