He was sentenced to death in 2001 for 20 deaths and confessed before being shot: “I will donate my organs to atone for my SINS.

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After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, there appeared a number of ferocious criminals, and various lists of the “top ten bandits” were compiled among the people. No matter what version of the list, there was always such a name: Lei Guomin.Lei’s crimes were usually committed by only one person, but his crimes were compared to the organized “Zhang Jun gang” and caused great public outrage.During that decade, his hands were stained with the blood of his victims.Lei Guomin was born in November 1971 in an unremarkable village in Anhui Province.His childhood experience is quite unfortunate, the family is relatively poor, the temper of his parents is also relatively bad, as long as lei Guomin does not obey his parents’ wishes, his parents will directly refuse to eat.As a result, He wanted to escape from his family at an early age.He did leave home once during his childhood, wandering for several years and begging for a living.It was this experience that gave him the habit of cheating and how to defend himself by fighting back.However, this kind of “self-protection” is also based on hurting others, and that experience is closer to the “law of the jungle”.Home after the Thunder national also briefly return to life on track, but also went to school for a few years, due to family reasons, the thunder national still failed to adhere to the school, also follow adults to work.Every teenager at this age has had a similar idea: to get ahead.Those painful memories continue to wander in the mind, which also let Lei Guomin than anyone else to achieve the goal of standing out, but he has no culture, the body is not strong enough, it seems that the society can not tolerate him.In the ideological contradiction, The thunder national people with a childhood away from home to learn the skills of the two, once again headed for the road of loitering theft.At the beginning, his courage is not so big, only dare to go to some guesthouses, guest houses and other personnel structure complex places.In 1991, he was caught stealing and given a warning.However, this deal did not wake Ray up, and his life goal of “making a lot of money” seems to have never changed.By chance, Lei saw on TV that south China was relatively rich, so he decided to leave for the south to see if he could find new “opportunities” there.He had been to Guangdong, he had been to Fujian, he had been on the move, he had no fixed abode, and the theft had evolved into robbery.In August 1992, Lei guomin scouted sanyuanli railway station in Guangzhou for a week, killed a man and stole only 10 yuan.It was the first time he had committed murder, and it was also a major turning point in his criminal career.This time, Thunder national also had a partner, he is the Zhang Yunming that comes from Yunnan, two people are congenial, courage is also bigger and bigger.In order to facilitate the crime, two people armed with a motorcycle, and specifically to rob those in exchange for foreign exchange, in the eyes of the Thunder national, the cash on these people’s hands should be more.Another reason for his increasing ferocity was also his family.Since his father was ill, this also touched his pride, and he always believed that only when he became rich could he change the situation of the family.In 1994, Lei Guomin and his accomplice Zhang Yunming met Ruan Jin Zuo and his wife, who were doing foreign exchange business. Soon after, the two of them rushed to Ruan’s house and shot them to death, robbing a gold necklace and 1,000 Hong Kong dollars.As the crime was done at night, the gunfire quickly alerted neighbors and the two quickly got on their motorcycles and disappeared into the night.The two men’s crime tracks have spread across Yunnan and Guangdong provinces, but because of the uneven distribution of the money, the two also split up.Zhang Yunming never heard from him again, but lei’s courage gradually grew.After leaving the associates, Lei Guomin even dare to directly kill a “return gun”, once again channelized to Zhongshan.One day in March 1995, he broke into the home of Liu, who was also doing foreign trade business, and wounded a six-year-old child with an axe. Hearing the child’s crying, the owner of the home rushed in to check on him and was hacked to death by Lei Guomin.This time, Lei took 100,000 won in cash from the safe.After the thunder national ecstatic, think he finally have money to hold his head high, he took the money back home overnight, will be one of the 10 thousand yuan to his father, 80 thousand yuan to his brother, told them to take good care of his father.This, the thunder national has been unable to stop, completely on the road of “killing”.In June 1996, Lei killed two officers on duty in a ticket office kiosk at Gongbei Station in Zhuhai city and stole 500,000 yuan and 80,000 Hong Kong dollars.This kind of “into account” speed, completely beyond the imagination of the National people of thunder, he felt that this road is much faster than petty theft, coupled with the body has carried a few lives, but also “broken pot broken”.Since then, he has decided to go bigger, and his preferred target has become a bank.He then adopted the “one shot, one place” model, leaving his footprints in many parts of the country except a few remote provinces.Over the next few years, he robbed four credit cooperatives in Nanchang, Tonghua, Suzhou and Yancheng, and killed six people in Ruichang, jiangxi province, though he did not take any cash.RAE even targeted taxi drivers when he realized that it was getting harder to rob credit cooperatives.In December 1999, Lei Guomin came to Nanjing and killed a taxi driver in Liuhe County. Besides robbery this time, he also wanted to get a car to come back and facilitate the crime in the future.However, RAE, who had no driving experience, turned the car over and threw it aside.Think over, he still decided to continue to rob credit cooperatives, get a single, the amount is very large.After a long period of inspection and observation, he found that there were few people on duty at night, and most of them did not have monitoring equipment. Lei used scissors to cut the alarm wire before each move.On duty personnel found abnormal, usually through the alarm line to transmit information, but the national thunder has prepared, so never met the situation of the police, so often successful.As time goes by, Lei Guomin’s research on this aspect is getting deeper and deeper.He would watch in the afternoon to see whether money was sent in and withdrawn in the morning, and from the number of boxes he could estimate the stock of cash.In 1998, for example, Lei Guomin committed a crime in Tonghua.In order to observe the structure of the credit union on the ground floor in Tonghua, he deposited 1, 000 yuan in a fake name and squatted nearby.He found that the guard consciousness of the credit cooperative was very poor. There was no anti-theft net on the back wall, but ordinary glass Windows, including a broken glass, which was directly covered with plastic paper. Every night, there was only one old security guard on duty.Two days before committing the crime, Lei guomin knocked off the padlock on the back wall in advance. After two days, no one found anything unusual.Therefore, On the day of the crime, Ray was reckless. He climbed into the scene through the window, killed the security guard on duty, and broke into the safe. This time, he took 150,000 won.In 2000, he robbed a credit cooperative in Suzhou in the same way, with only two female security guards working the night shift. Lei quickly succeeded.In the process of the fugitive, Lei national unexpectedly had a lover.It was a day in May 1999, Lei Guomin was introduced to a girl named Liu Youlian, who looked like flowers, but also very petite, the girl is very capable, on weekdays to drive for the boss to make a living.Ray was a big spender and the two quickly fell in love.But this amour, did not let lei national cliff reined in, he is opposite rob behavior not forget for a moment instead, to facilitate crime, he still learned to drive technology and cut technology specially.On New Year’s Day in 2000, Liu Youlian took a leave of absence and went home with Lei Guomin.It took them a long bus ride and more than 10 miles of walking to get home.This “sense of poverty” let Ray national find the feeling of childhood, Liu Youlian’s parents also rose to greet, this enthusiastic scene, also touched ray national.In the next few days, Lei National met Liu Youlian’s friends, Liu Youlian introduced to friends from lei National with their own efforts to earn a lot of money, the little sisters have a thumbs-up.At this time, lei national also has a brief human nature, he felt, if he really like his girlfriend introduced that way, that should be much better.Brief human nature, eventually devoid of thunder national very want to marry Liu Youlian aboveboard, but he knows, time is long, a lot of words or explain impassability.Nearly 10 years of criminal life also made him summarize a set of his own experience. He considered guns, knives, axes and hammers, and finally decided to use a hammer to commit crimes. Other weapons could not be killed with a single knife, or they were too loud, but the hammer was the best.To build up his strength, he rented a 100-square-meter room in his hometown in Anqing and turned it into a gym.Whenever he could, he worked on his arm strength with a pull-up machine and ran 30 to 40 miles a day to build his endurance.According to him, “After a period of training, it only takes six seconds to kill a person.”After the police investigation, it was found that RAE killed six people in Seochang and three people in Yancheng with a hammer.As for the accomplice, Mr. Lei also mentioned that the two men split up in 1994 and that five years later, he heard in Kunming that Mr. Zhang had been arrested by chongqing police.However, because the thunder national itself is very cautious, never revealed his identity, Zhang Yunming confessed to the past things, but there is no way to say the name of the thunder national, therefore, the thunder national and was not implicated.RAE also thought about finding a partner. He wanted to find someone he could rely on. He thought of his brother but eventually gave up the idea because he thought his brother was too honest in his daily life.Ray also has a strong sense of anti-detection. He buys and reads magazines related to solving crimes and has been inspired by many cases.Every crime, Lei guomin is only cash, never take other things, which also brings great difficulty to the investigation of the case.After their marriage, Ray talked to his wife on the phone once a day.But wherever he was, he pretended to be in Guangdong or Fujian and never used the hotel phone, only a pay phone.In lei’s mind, the biggest vote was the Yancheng case.To gain access to the scene, he built a small wooden ladder near the crime scene and hid it under a grocery stand in an empty house nearby.He also nailed two large wooden blocks to the bottom of the ladder to prevent dents when he climbed.After several days of observation, he found two watchmen washing themselves at the pool every night around 8 p.m., so He decided it was the best time to kill him.On the night of the crime, he climbed into the scene with a ladder and killed the first watchman with a hammer when he came to wash himself. He then went to the watchroom and brutally killed the second man.When the two watchmen died, RAE went over the wall and stayed outside for a while. After making sure that no one was coming, he went back inside the wall.Next, he used a rope to hang cutting tools into the hospital, spent more than an hour to open all three safes, this time, he robbed 2.6 million yuan.In his excitement, Lei thought more about how to hide the money. If he hid it all at home, he would not be able to get through with his wife.He felt that the police must have thought he was afraid to deposit the money in the bank, so he decided to do the opposite.After returning to his hometown, he first came to the rented house, all the new and old coins cross tied, that night with 200,000 home, to his wife is in the business outside to earn.Over the next three days, he deposited 2.4 million yuan of the money in five banks in Anqing city under his real name.He also reported a false case in Anqing, renting a front room in the development zone and hiding a pickup truck, pretending it was missing to test the police.At this time, the relevant reconnaissance work has been carried out, the police also through the existing evidence targeted Lei Guomin.On June 15, 2001, the murderous robber was finally caught at the Shenzhen railway station, but he was still too lucky to reveal the full story.He was arrested by the Nanjing police, in front of sufficient evidence, Lei Guomin had to explain in Liuhe county robbery taxi things, about other things, he denied all.As a result, the police will he from Nanjing escorted to yancheng credit cooperatives door, let him look up, this time, Lei National just realized that he has been completely finished.After two days of resistance, Ray finally confessed all his crimes.Strange is, ray national people through robbery and murder to obtain a large amount of money, but in weekdays, he has never squandered, even some stingy taste.He neither smoked nor drank, never entered the card-tables, nor was he ever seen in any of the glittering places.Once, he rented a car in a bicycle rental agency, and the other people wanted 4 yuan for the rent, but he still bargained for 2.5 yuan. This weird behavior was also hard to be understood.After the national arrest of thunder, the news spread quickly, the good news spread to the land of Yanfu.At the end of December 2001, The Yancheng Intermediate Court tried Lei Guomin. During the investigation of the court, Lei confessed to committing a series of robberies and murders that resulted in the death of more than 20 people.He was sentenced to death on several charges including robbery and murder, but everyone knew that He would not survive.After the court closed, many spectators for Lei Guomin’s “death penalty” is still not satisfied, think it is too light, should “ling Chi”, after the first instance, Lei Guomin did not appeal, and was executed on December 28.To atone for his SINS, he even offered to donate his body and organs to someone useful after he was executed, but it was too late.Refer to the 1 week macroroot.[J]. Times of Rule of Law,2002(09):18-20.2 Lei Guomin, a murderer who robbed a Treasury and killed 20 people, was sentenced to death in Nanjing Beijing Youth Daily