Gansu: There were only two people in the audience at the Gobi Desert

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“Beware of the midnight north wind and cold, take care all the way…”Accompanied by melodious song, xiaohongshan station master Wang Yongzhong is impromptu singing the song “camel bell”, his deep voice vicissitudes of life, so that we can not help playing the rhythm.On January 29, a simple and wonderful art performance was being held at Xiaohongshan Station of Lanzhou railway Service section of Lanzhou Bureau Group Corporation of China Railway.Xiaohongshan Station is located at the junction of Gansu, Ningxia and Inner Mongolia, at the southern end of The Tengger Desert, surrounded by endless gobi desert.The station has only six employees in total, and during normal working hours, there are only three people in the station, one on duty, one on duty and one station master on duty.Only one pair of trains, no. 7509/10, stop here every day, and the station mainly deals with the up-down and up-down trains of the Baolang Railway line.Taking the station as home, accompanied by loneliness, is the true portrayal of xiaohongshan station staff work.The arrival of the “literary team” added to the festive atmosphere of the New Year in the workshop and warmed every employee who stood firm in xiaohongshan Station.On the way to the station, clusters of withered and yellow camel thorns came into view, still stubbornly upright in the howling northwest wind.The dim horizon and the indistinct hills in the distance made the station seem more desolate and lonely, the silence broken only by the occasional birdsong and the ringing of a train whistle.Approaching the Spring Festival, lanzhou Jingtai Workshop organized young workers to set up a “literary and artistic team” to deliver wonderful literary and artistic performances to remote stations like Xiaohongshan. At the same time, together with the staff of the station, they put up red “fu”, “couplets” and festive paper-cuts, making the station also have a New Year flavor.There were many wonderful performances, such as red harmonica, local dialect recitation and solo dance “Girl by the bridge”. Warm applause broke out from time to time in the activity room of the station, and happy smiles on the faces of the staff.Because a station watchman must work in the cab, so the audience is a waiting shift watchman and stationmaster Wang Yongzhong two people.Under the infection of the cheerful atmosphere, wang Yongzhong volunteered and presented a “camel bell” for everyone.Wang Yongzhong, 56, is the station master of xiaohongshan station and a war veteran.After retirement, Wang Yongzhong was assigned to the original Silver West car service section, has been engaged in a road jockey, watchman, intermediate station master, etc., won many times the safety model, outstanding Communist party member, advanced producer and other honorary titles.Wang yongzhong has been working at stations like Xiaohongshan since he joined the workforce in 1989.He has spent almost every Spring Festival at the station for more than 30 years.For the staff of Xiaohongshan Station, there is almost no one to talk with except the staff of the station during working hours. The arrival of this “literary team” makes the staff of the station feel particularly excited and moved.”Our station is relatively remote, usually the staff’s spare time life is dull and single, today’s several wonderful cultural programs, for our station, is a different spring evening.”Wang Yongzhong looked at the program with emotion.Soon, the artistic performance ended, after a brief lively, xiaohongshan station again to return to silence.Wang Yongzhong and the staff of the railway station began to be busy again, day after day, year after year, with perseverance and dedication, responsibility and responsibility, silently guarding the safety and smooth of the Baolan railway line.Huang Guibin and Wang Fuze