You can win without sea cucumber!How does Chinese women’s soccer team become the king of comebacks?The fans were very sad and happy

2022-06-30 0 By

The women’s football team has done well in the Asian Cup, and the “negative” news about the men’s football team is also unheard of.This big New Year, since you can’t make the fans happy in the results, then let the fans have fun in the jokes.The most interesting thing I’ve seen these days is “men’s soccer team eating sea cucumber”.Are these people playing football, or are they “enjoying” life and being a childe?The field did not see how positive the field is not bad.Excuse me, what are these people repairing?In contrast, Asian Cup champion women’s football, but not so good treatment.In the previous Olympics, the women’s soccer team still drank 1 yuan of mineral water.Fortunately, this Asian Cup, the treatment improved a few.Energy drinks have been replaced with mineral water, and for the first time, the Asian Women’s Football Cup has been awarded a prize for reaching the final and winning the championship.Pay is improving a little bit, that means the women’s soccer team wants to eat sea cucumber so tonic?You can’t do that. You’re eating pasta a lot of the time.Perhaps because the treatment is not so good, but still can insist on playing football girls, this is not love who can insist on ah.So to see them in the field of football, no incentive will be very hard, who will be reserved for their love?This is why, in fact, the overall strength of The Chinese women’s football team has declined in recent years.They also play some good games because they love football enough, so they have enough motivation and hard work on the pitch.On them, we can see the shadow of the older generation of Chinese men’s football.As Fan Zhiyi once said, playing football is for “national pride”.Only with such responsibility can you have the chance to play well in the national team.It is with such “attitude” that The Chinese women’s football team can become the king of comebacks in the Asian Cup.The group stage was originally three matches, but because of the host country’s withdrawal, the Chinese women’s football team played two matches directly into the knockout round.In the group stage, The Chinese women’s football team did not concede a single goal.But when it comes to the knockout rounds, it’s not so easy.The men’s soccer team lost to Vietnam in the round of 12 in the first round of the preliminary round 1-3, which will put a little pressure on the women’s soccer team to pay enough attention to the Vietnamese women’s soccer team.Losing the first goal in the match also made the fans worried that if both the men’s and women’s football teams lost to Vietnam, the fans would really have a bad time during the Spring Festival.Fortunately, we have Shuiqingxia head coach in the field, she did not like Jia Xiuquan, do not reuse Wang Shuang, but also gave up taking Tang To participate in the World Cup.And eliminate the game of Vietnam team, Wang Shuang, Wang Shanshan and Tang Jiali respectively scored, proved that Jia Xiuquan will not use people.The match against the Japanese team, Wang Frost can not appear because of injury, Wang Shanshan is still the core of the team, Tang Jiali also has a good performance.In the absolute absence of one of the main force, The Chinese women’s football team can win.Apart from the 4-4-2 formation, some of the Japanese women’s football cannot adapt.Moreover, The Chinese women’s football team played very persevering and vigorous, so that the Japanese team, which is good at technology, could not show their skills well.Can have much fight, Lou Jiahui began the second half did not long, because fight injury, was replaced.After a 2-2 tie and a penalty kick, Lou limped to cheer for the circle with her teammates.That’s the determination to win and the unity of the dressing room.The Korean team had a similar situation, with the same determination and strength.Let the team 0-2 down, not panic.It’s about getting back one step at a time and winning the game at the end.During the celebration, I saw some fans commenting on both happiness and sadness.He said, “This is what it looks like when the home team wins the championship!”Obviously, the men’s football team let us down for too long, the championship also left us for too long.