No sooner said than done

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In the first few days, Lin feng learned nothing from the teachers.They say it’s fine, it’s ok, or it’s not a problem.At most, a little grumble: “WE are just an ordinary teacher, only know lesson preparation, class, homework correction, leadership told to do what to do.”Lin Feng set up a suggestion box, and no one put in half a piece of paper, and later found that there is a monitoring probe is facing the suggestion box.Even without the surveillance cameras, the suggestion box was just a formality, a display — something That Lin feng later realized.Now each unit, each department in many places have a suggestion box, can really have a little effect is very few.Later, Lin Feng talked about the suggestion box, but also laugh at their children.In this way, fold and toss teng, see ten days passed, no progress in the investigation.Is there really nothing wrong with Xudong Experimental High School?Lin Feng even began to doubt himself.Unexpectedly, one day on the way to work, Lin Feng met Teacher Song.Mr. Song has been working in Sunrise Experimental High School for more than 20 years.They went the same way for a part of the way.Met together, the beginning is small talk, and then chat, said that said the school problems, saw said the crux of the problem, two people also want to break up.Lin Feng could see that Teacher Song kept saying, hesitated for a while, turned to go, Lin Feng did not call him, just stopped to watch him.Song teacher walked two steps, and looked back, wind Lin Feng did not leave, he also stopped, looked around, said: “Lin Feng, off work time, and not in the unit, I will not call you the principal, call you old buddy, Lin Fengdi.Lin Feng, I want to drink some wine today. It’s Friday and it’s night. Is it against the rules?Will you have a drink with me?”Lin Feng paused for a moment, then realized that Teacher Song had a lot to say, and readily agreed, saying: “I have the same intention, I want to catch up with old friends.I’ll treat you, old man.”That day, the song teacher found a remote pub, two people drink while Lao, wine did not drink how much, the song teacher’s words did not say less, said the school teaching and research work, student management, teaching management, and even said the school leadership of a variety of insider.