Harry and Meghan have publicly lied again in their legal battle with the Queen’s government over 24-hour gun protection

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According to Britain’s the sun newspaper news on February 19, local time on February 18, prince harry, the duke of Sussex in England and Boris Johnson government official in court, harry in the British government refused to harry and his wife megan markel provide police protection during his state visit to the UK on earlier, filed a lawsuit to London’s high court on February 18 hearing the case,But the Revelations suggest that Harry and Meghan have lied publicly again and remain determined to stand up to their 95-year-old grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.Harry has once again set the record by becoming the first royal to Sue the British government, which is ultimately the Queen’s government, so the essence of Harry’s action is a public spat with his grandmother.Last week, Prince Charles, 73, the Prince of Wales, and his wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, were both confirmed to have COVID-19, and had a close encounter with the Queen within 48 hours of the prince’s diagnosis. Buckingham Palace declined to say whether the Queen was confirmed to be infected, citing medical privacy.This week, however, Queen Elizabeth II raised eyebrows when she reappeared after not being seen in public for just ten days, and lamented that, for the elderly, ageing may indeed come in a day.Ten days ago, the Queen was still in great spirits, but ten days later, the queen’s own first words were, as you can see, I can’t move.Her skin also seemed to have lost moisture and muscle support, with wrinkles covering her face and a shrunken circle.Queen under attack at this time, just because the media reports for the second son, prince Andrew, a 61 – year – old pay 12 million pounds (about 100 million yuan) an out-of-court settlement fee by the taxpayer, the eldest son, the prince of wales is also facing charges to sell the title and commercial blending, harry’s memoirs, forthcoming, which will be the charge of the royal family at this time,Harry’s persistence in taking the queen’s government to court chilled many britons.Harry did not testify in person that day, his lawyer team to present the documents show that harry and megan said want to have two children, and lily Bert to Britain, “the British in the final analysis is their home”, but in the current arrangements, they feel unsafe, prosecution files that may take off after two years ago, the British government to deregulate their security measures is illegal,They demanded 24-hour armed guards at Scotland Yard.Particularly critical, Harry said he had offered to pay for security provided by the British government as early as January 2020.A team of eight lawyers sent by Johnson’s Home Office had two key ideas.The first is that well-trained Metropolitan police professionals are not “guns” you can just hire, and That Prince Harry has shown a lack of respect for the Home Office.The second point is that Prince Harry did not claim to pay for his security for the first time until September 2021, in a 33-page Facts and Reasons statement, which contradicts harry’s claim that he did so in January 2020. Harry is lying.Harry had applied to keep the whole case secret, but the Home Office rejected the prince’s request citing the principle of “open justice”.No date has been set for a full hearing in the case.But Harry and Meghan have cemented their cold-blooded image in the minds of many Britons.Photo source: theSun, BING Editor: Mei Mei