18 consecutive wins +10 consecutive wins!Super SUNS lock in all-star starters, kobe and Cp3 are awesome

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Chris Paul and Booker were among the league’s top clutch shooters as the SUNS edged the SAN Antonio Spurs in the NBA’s 10-game winning streak on Sunday.The SUNS have become the only team in the league to win 10 or more games in a row twice, and they were perfect again this time, giving you hope, but killing the game in the clutch.Booker scored 28 points and three rebounds on 12-of-24 shooting, 4-of-9 from 3-point range, and Paul scored 20 points, eight rebounds and 19 assists on 9-of-16 shooting as the SUNS outscored the Spurs 36-19 in the fourth quarter.The SUNS trailed by 12 points going into the final quarter, but came back with 17, which was too much.And have a look at Paul and booker is how to control the game, the fourth quarter in the first one is Paul even two cic, plus three assists, help Cameron Johnson walk, the sun start a wave of instantaneous reversal, the two sides then complete the seesaw battle, both sides of the scores in the spiral, the last two minutes at 106.Spurs’ Walker finishes the shot, and Paul looks to have led his team to the last minute. Even though they are up by two points, he knows that he has given enough performance, and now he has to step back, so Paul starts giving power to Booker and booker to explode.At the same time, he needed rest after playing the entire fourth quarter.It was Paul who pulled the team back from a double-digit deficit in Zion and made the clutch shot. Paul is 37 years old, so let Booker play the last two minutes.Paul went straight to a pick-and-roll with Booker, then opened it all up for booker.Booker drifts straight to the rim, makes a 3-pointer with a hard drive, 109-108.The SUNS ‘defense was intense, and booker beat Jones for a 3-pointer on the back of the key possession. Two 3-pointers in a minute.That’s the real reason the SUNS have won 10 or more games in a row twice this season, and the most important key is that these two superstars are too good.One is the 4th quarter guru, I’m the clutch shooter, Chris Paul is the clutch shooter, you don’t give you a chance when you put him in the clutch, and then there’s Kobe Bryant’s 70-point Mamba disciple Booker.Paul was responsible for most of the fourth quarter, and Booker was responsible for taking over Bryant’s big heart in the clutch.The division of labor between these two is the key reason why phoenix is unbeatable this season. If you want to beat phoenix, you have to blow it out in the first three quarters, like the warriors did in the second game against phoenix. Otherwise, if you don’t win by more than 20 points in the fourth quarter, you will be turned over in the first quarter because of their clutch shooting ability.With that double shot, it makes sense for the SUNS to win 10 or more games in a row for the second time, since games are more likely to come down to the wire and the SUNS can’t lose as long as they play the final quarter.With 18 straight wins and 10 straight wins, they have become a legitimate league leader.Another statistic: the SUNS are 19-3 when it comes to crunch time this season, losing just three games.Monty Williams edged Kerr to clinch the western Conference all-star coaching spot, the SUNS ‘first all-star starter.