The project to improve the Yangtze River and benefit the people was fully implemented

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Zhumadian rong media reporter Xiu Dongli “lianjiang river regional governance” is zhumadian city 11 benefit people one of the projects.On April 1, the Information Office of The People’s Government of Zhumadian held the seventh press conference of the 2022 Zhumadian theme series “Practical and Beneficial To the People, Gather strength and Strive for Excellence”. The press conference focused on the launch of the lianjiang River control project in Zhumadian.Lianyjiang River, originating in the southwest of Zhumadian City, is a fourth-grade river of huaihe River Basin, covering an area of 204 square kilometers and with a total length of 43 kilometers, of which about 12 kilometers runs through the urban built-up area. It mainly undertakes the functions of urban flood control and ecological environment improvement.With the expansion of the central urban area and the increasing population, the existing sewage treatment capacity of the urban area can not meet the needs of urban development, resulting in the water ecology of Lianjiang River beyond the environmental capacity and carrying capacity.The implementation of the comprehensive control project of The Lianjiang River is of great significance to the improvement of the regional ecological environment, which is also an inevitable requirement for the implementation of the development concept of “clear water and green mountains are gold and silver mountains”.In recent years, the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal government have attached great importance to the comprehensive governance of Lianjiang River, bringing it into the “big plate” of the city’s economic and social development, and continuously promoting the high-quality leapfrog development of Zhumadian by improving the ecological environment.Zhumadian has successively launched an urban rivers connecting engineering, rain sewage diversion project, sewage removal engineering infrastructure construction such as pipe, so far, central city rivers connecting engineering has paid off, 45 road rain sewage diversion project has been completed, the center city rainwater pipe network with a total length of 546 kilometers, the total length of sewage pipe network of 348 kilometers,The improvement of water quality in Lianjiang River has achieved initial results.In 2022, the project will be carried out from the following three aspects: Vigorously promoting infrastructure projects to strengthen weak links.On March 24, zhumadian Municipal Government issued the “14th Five-year” Ecological and Environmental Protection Plan of Zhumadian City “clearly requires:” Promote the dredging and expansion of Suya Lake reservoir, return farmland to wet project, do a good job in the comprehensive environmental improvement of the inflow branch water, speed up the construction of sewage treatment facilities in the central city and the transformation project of rain and sewage diversion “.At present, the city a corrupt phase ii expansion project has been started on March 23, a sewage treatment capacity after the completion of the project will increase from 100000 tons to 150000 tons, 30000 tons a period at the same time the fifth sewage treatment plant of processing engineering has completed more than half, after the completion of zhumadian city downtown, the daily sewage treatment capacity will increase from 375000 tons to 455000 tons.In increase of urban sewage treatment capacity at the same time, synchronous implementation of form a complete set of municipal sewage pipe network construction, further to the drainage pipe network has built the wrong answer, mix of by, leakage and other diseases, and the rain sewage diversion as get through the “last mile” of sewage, sewage pipe network intelligent management platform, weave dense sewage pollution “a net”,We will ensure that every household has both sewage and storm water pipes, and completely solve the problem of infrastructure shortages in central urban areas.We will take targeted measures to protect and restore water ecosystems.It is clearly required in zhumadian “14th Five-year plan for Water Security” that “an ecological buffer zone combined with trees, shrubs and grass should be built in the appropriate area of Lianjiang River to improve the coverage of riparian vegetation, further intercept non-point source pollution, purify water body and improve the integrity of water ecosystem”.It is expected that construction can be started in April yicheng Shuitun town and Zhugudong Township Weishui wetland purification project, which shuitun town wetland project covers an area of 6000 square meters, daily treatment scale of 2000 tons;Zhugudong Wetland project covers an area of 1000 square meters, and the daily treatment scale is 300 tons/day. After completion of the project, it can effectively reduce the pollution load of lianjiang river and Taohe River into the river, and also provide effective environmental support for the construction of beautiful countryside.Scientific policies to improve the effectiveness of water environment regulation.Real time control of the practice for river water quality change, we give to the rivers to carry out the monitoring, monthly report, we will further improve the “online monitoring, tracking back, immediate improvement” rapid response of the closed loop mechanism, fully use of science and technology means, strengthen the supervision of the ecological environment and achieve scientific, accurate pollution, pollution in accordance with the law, advance the water quality improvement.Through the implementation of the above measures, the water environment of Lianjiang river will be fundamentally improved, the water security will be strongly guaranteed, the water ecology will achieve a virtuous cycle, the water is cleaner, the shore is greener, the scenery is more beautiful, and finally realize the beautiful vision of “river with water, fish with grass, harmony between human and water”.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: