The Delicacy of Start of Spring: Spring Plate Culture

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According to the Chinese Astronomical Almanac, the Start of Spring in 2022 will Start at 4:50.36 on February 4, 2022, on Friday, the fourth day of the first month in the lunar calendar.Start of Spring, the first solar term of spring, is the first of the 24 solar terms and the third solar term of 2022.The beginning of spring, the sun is warm, the plants turn green, full of vitality.People can clearly notice that the days are getting longer and the weather is getting warmer.On the beginning of Spring, people eat spring cakes, spring rolls, radish, lettuce, ginger and scallion, which is called “biting spring”. Biting spring is not only a feeling, but also a kind of tenacity in the heart. It is a unique Custom of Chinese people.Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu “The beginning of spring” : spring dish lettuce, suddenly recall two Beijing mei hair.Dish out the gaomen line of white jade, dishes pass the hand to send hair.Wu Gorge cold River that pair of eyes, Du Ling distant visitors are very sad.This body unknown return place, call son to find paper a poem.The beginning of Spring by Du Fu shows the customs and food culture of the Day of the beginning of Spring in the Tang Dynasty.”Four Precious Mirror” recorded in the Tang Dynasty: “On the day of the start of spring, eat spring cakes, lettuce, spring plate”.It is also the start of spring day in the Tang Dynasty. People like to eat spring cakes and lettuce, called Spring plate, which is not only cooked by themselves, but also given as gifts to relatives and friends.In the Song Dynasty, people added spring rolls on the first day of spring.Song Dynasty “at the age of guang Ji” : “The Capital rich family made noodles silkworm, called inspector silkworm.And because the beginning of spring to do this, it is also known as exploring the spring silkworm.”Evolution so far, the variety of spring plate has become more abundant, mainly: spring cakes, spring rolls, fruits, candy, eggs, vegetables are: lettuce, leek, spinach, bean sprouts, radish, ginger, onion and so on.On the day of the start of Spring, spring cakes and spring rolls, as well as fresh vegetables in spring, are put on the plate and fed to relatives and friends or eaten by themselves, which not only welcomes the New Year but also enhances the immune function of the body. Spring plate has become one of the eating customs of the start of spring.In the late spring of the first year of the Calendar year 766, du Fu, aged 55, arrived in Kui Prefecture (now Fengjie, Chongqing) with his family. Until the first month of the third year of the calendar year 768, he had lived here for more than one year and nine months.During du Fu’s stay in Kuizhou, the Tang Dynasty was in a period of mutiny and Tibetan invasion.In December, the first year of 766, Zhou Zhiguang rebelled against the state of Hua, and The emperor ordered Guo Ziyi to lead the crusade.Tongzhou, Hua zhou generals heard Guo Ziyi troops, so killed Zhou Zhiguang, sent its head to the court.In September of the second year of 767, the Tubo invaded Jingzhou, and the imperial edits guo Ziyi moved to Jingyang with thirty thousand steps.In October, Guo Ziyi intercepted The Tubo in Lingzhou and beheaded 20,000 yuan.The beginning of Spring was written in the second year of the calendar in 767. Du fu expressed his strong homesickness deeply and tortuously with his joyful memories of the beginning of spring in Beijing and Beijing.Du fu saw the spring plate in front of him and recalled the beautiful scene when the girls made spring plates of various dishes for people to taste in chang ‘an and Luoyang in previous years.But now the reality is adrift in a strange land, can not be fixed.Facing the Wu Gorge River, a river of spring water rolling in melancholy.Miss home more.”Du Ling” in the poem refers to Du County, southeast of Chang ‘an, where Emperor Xuan built his mausoleum, so it is called Du Ling.Du Fu’s distant ancestor, Du Yu, was a native of Jing Zhao. Du Fu himself had once lived in Shaoling, which was near du Ling, so he often called himself a Distant visitor of Du Ling and a wild old man of Shaoling.Sorrow, had to “call son find paper” send full of homesickness in the pen.Yesterday’s today’s headlines, see friends Xu Lei released “Yangzhou Shugang Xifeng plum open” picture, think of the Yuan Dynasty Wang Mian “white plum” : “suddenly overnight fragrance hair, scattered as Qiankun Wanli spring.”I also felt homesick.The beginning of Spring, in Chinese traditional culture has a good meaning, a year’s plan depends on spring, colorful always spring.Today is the beginning of spring, the fourth day of the Chinese New Year in the Year of the Tiger. The opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games will be held in Beijing Bird’s Nest.Start of Spring and Olympic elements organic integration, let the world see the color of Traditional Chinese culture.Start of spring today, do a delicious spring plate, watch the Opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, together to the future!