Stay with posterity laugh, merit down in history, because the world is too hazy

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Want to know more wonderful content, come to pay attention to Zheng Huixian sinology art has become empty, left and later generations laugh, merit in history, because the world is too hazy.Midnight dawn dream is not, qinghui wanli according to the lonely lamp, poetry on fu Xinqu, the wind to send flowers to the night.Rain beat ren Piao, month poem accompanies me, a wisp of qinghui dream to dawn.Window moon fu Fengyin Liuhufei, mo Qinghui still as jun.Qinghui sprinkled garden, no place to send bright autumn good, wine poetry month fu.You dream of dawn, qinghui as I, on the poem poem willow hundred years.Last night the wind blowing dream is not, now on the moon fu Autumn sound, qinghui aspersed the day as I.Yunxia fu, osmanthus flowers, a ray of light is my home.Wanli qinghui according to the passenger ship, is another year, the wind blows willow poetry two cold.To the dawn of the morning, qinghui with me, on the poem Yin elegant rhyme, wind blowing willow dance light.Has been used to frost wind flower month idle sorrow, qinghui tianming good autumn.Poetry on the moon fu denglou, the wind light good autumn, Wanli qinghui alone on the highest head.Wan Li zhao Lou Tai, tianming alone, last night the wind blowing month fu dream return.People did not sleep, sprinkle the window, a toast to the moon fragrance to the pillow.The wind and grass color green rain, poetry on the moon fu aspirations, qinghui acacia to dawn.Compose a poem, floral to pillow, a ray of light outside the window, dawn person quiet night without sleep.Qinghui pity lonely, why residual dream of dawn, jinfeng Yulu new poem to send my feelings.Night frost to dawn, qinghui scattered jianghong, raise a glass to the moon fu new words, do not feel is the wind.The wind blows the dream not to be able, reciting the poem to the moon to scatter three thousand li, only for the morning to shine on me.Meaning ten thousand weight, the wind blowing willow catkin falling red, do not understand people bitter, still from the dawn as shadow empty.Ice muscle snow reflecting qinghui cold, jade bone tianming element shadow cold, a wisp of incense wind floating thousands of miles, three minutes long month fu thousand years.Sleepless night till dawn, qinghui scattered all over the star, toast to the moon acacia send far wind.The cloud is light and cool in the evening, the month is full of infinite meaning, acacia dream to dawn.Drunk evening fine, the wind shake bamboo shadow lane music, a ray of window according to, do not feel dawn to five more.Now back, not to see the old man, the wind shake bamboo shadow before the window, on the poem in the dream cut.Dawn people quiet night appendix, qinghui according to the shadow of cold, on the poem not into sleep.Honest a man volunteers more firmly, the head request regulus.An annual qingming festival, everywhere hurt, full of blood heart reflected rainbow.Home dead 100 feelings of life, men aspiring newspaper emerged, a cavity warm blood heart according to history.Dye zheng robe, the high waves, for the hero of the flag fluttering.According to history, the Great Wall, men are willing to die for peace.Report the door, when the head regardless of body, blood a cavity reward strong man, sincere wanli cast loyal soul.Heroic country of righteousness and bravery, sincere ambition reward, blood man a piece of writing spring and Autumn.A cavity blood written poems, sincere into words, reported chunhui minfu exhibition yingzi.A piece of heart ever old, blood is not willing to Hugh, the rise and fall of the country to go back.Spring comes early, the north is frozen and snow has not disappeared, the man is more ambitious, the heart is a free and unfettered.When the enemy, loyal soul eternal life, blood more ambition, honest heart according to the universe.A cavity blood sincere writing Hua Zhang, chunhui min fu Yongliufang.A piece of send tianya, blood man sacrifice pay ambition, loyal to thousands of homes.The spring breeze blows snow, prosperous times sings red song, one cavity blood sincere heart pays yu Ke.Tears full jin, aspiring jun en, a cavity blood pay bosom friend, wanli honest as posterity.A cavity blood cast poetry soul, honest as ancient and modern, reported chunhui ten thousand generations of Chinese qin.Pay ambition, full of blood spectrum new chapter, people fuchun often in, reported the splendid days of China.When the newspaper Lord a gallbladder, today for the country liangbin frost, hot blood son less tender.Then go to the country reported jiuquan, a blood man according to the sky.Zhi not reward, write spring and autumn, reported to parents pledge endlessly.According to the universe, a man’s ambition, national disaster reported to the world honor.A song of autumn, when the national transport Changlong men encouraged, honest blue sea Renjun swim.People rich chi hard pay, no door hate did not rest, a piece of blood writing spring and autumn.Blood man ambition in the day, heart a piece of yunyan, reported parents kindness heavy, not home liangbin spot.A few degrees of spring, free and unfettered music poor, li Lu are abandoned, autumn industry poetry with this body.Autumn industry depression wind and rain, vanity not to sorrow, free and untroubled outside the sky, laughing at the world of mortals open.This is waiting for idle people, autumn industry spring farming not xin, comfortable and free moon laugh at the world of mortals.There is no love always follow, spring silk do float forever.The world of mortals dream not to return, free and unfettered profit are abandoned, spring, summer and autumn industry take off.With qiqiuye, float for wine money, free and unfetters see through is immortal.Don’t love vanity only flower, spring and autumn industry music boundless, free and unfettered world of mortals.Excluding the spring, is not a person, thousands of years of performance floating clouds.Mo Yan body is the world of mortals, free and unfetterly not envyimmortal, light see floating autumn industry joy more than years.Xia yun open, float can be sad, free and unfettered heaven and earth, the world of mortals see through mo wandering.Life not for autumn industry a smile light, free and unfettered as I.Free and unfettered music weiyang, see through the vicissitudes of life, spring and autumn industry famous dream long.World Pepsi sorrow, comfortable on yao Tai, the fall industry I cut.Not xin, let people, free and unfettered in the world of mortals dream body.The mood is wide, spring farming autumn industry do not know the cold, free and easy in the world of mortals all difficult.Go to the end of the world, the world of riches and honour, spring, summer and autumn industry infinite good, famous light cup of tea.The world of mortals is not edge, free and unfettered match immortal, float li Lu autumn industry line lead.Autumn industry is not dyed frost temples, vanity indifferent as the cold, free and easy life, laugh at the world of mortals all busy.Why ask the former cause, autumn industry chunhua free and unfetters heaven and earth, the breeze moon laugh at the world of mortals.Not spring, free and easy degree of twilight, Lilu are abandoned, autumn industry poetry with wine bottles.Spring farming autumn industry mulberry hemp, not for vanity only love home, wild crane leisure clouds are comfortable, the world of mortals see through a cup of tea.If the name lilu Yunyan, spring, summer and autumn industry moment, at ease see through I do not know.New fine comfortable body, the world of mortals see through autumn industry with the wind, mo tired this heart for vanity.The road is long, happy and unfettered, lilu are abandoned, spring autumn harvest grain.A grain of dust, difficult to distinguish false and true, no one should call, only for the people regardless of body.People will be lucky to qunying, qianhong thick spring, bi Zulongshe heaven and earth Sun and moon.Wan Mu Xiao Shu where to find fenghou, mountains and rivers broken swaying wind and rain sorrow.Do not dye frightened ghosts and gods, long new heaven and earth, I hope the universe is full of purple.Between the different, ghosts and gods dancing east, thousands of people are born.Not poor, assembly spring, ghosts and spirits have always loved the United States.Open for a while, fee cutting, dare to ask ghosts and gods of heaven and earth.Qiguishen, heaven and earth sacrifice spirit, people have the honor to meet the prosperous times, always spring in a riot of colors.Heaven and earth ruthless rob, the beginning of the letter ghost intentional pity, ten thousand kinds of romantic where not together.Where the people are not desolate, thousands of red dou sun, but the ghost heaven and earth for new clothes.Another year, where the people are not happy yan, ghosts and spirits also have ruthless yulan.Come to meet, heaven and earth merciless people tears, suffering who can expect, colorful are sin.Vacant heaven and earth a solitary hong, not afraid of ghosts and gods hazing the world wind, wanli Jiangshan who is the Lord, tears ask the hero.To call for the people should not always, but make the ghosts and gods of heaven and earth forever clear.The fertile land is a piece of gold, and the people are lucky enough to understand the farmer’s suffering.Ghost axe made qifeng, the world is different, to ask all the water toward the east.– Zheng Huixian # 100 # 100 List #