Of tong jincheng choose a spouse standard, grandma gives 3 requirements, do not want beautiful, not kui is experienced person

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For most of the audience, like children on the name of the host, in addition to the name of the host body to see the better ability of dating, and child on the live, let everybody see various partner, this is very high, make a lot of friends to have fun, this is also a child on the outdoors live a glittering point,It is said to be the reason why most players especially like this anchor.Despite the contact with a lot of girls, for this aspect also special understand emotions, but child on has always been in a single state, so the child on the object, and jiangnan first deep feeling, when looking for a girlfriend, including child on standards are players are more concerned about, also often live in the time to ask.But Tong jincheng has not been able to reveal his criteria for choosing a mate.But it is his grandmother, said before, for their future grandchildren’s expectations, a total of three points, the last point, is simply let Tong Jincheng surprised.So what are they?Tong Jincheng’s grandmother also hopes that their future grandchildren to be diligent, honest, and do not want to find a particularly beautiful daughter-in-law.When Tong Jincheng heard his grandmother’s words, especially when say to find a general appearance of the daughter-in-law, tong Jincheng the whole person is directly surprised, instantly changed face.But all the time, Tong Jincheng and his grandmother’s relationship is very good, which is for the majority of fans, but also see in the eyes, because Tong Jincheng’s own album in addition to selfie photos, is a photo with his grandmother, there are no other photos of some female partners.From this point, it can be seen that Tong Jincheng attaches great importance to his grandmother, perhaps due to family reasons, but generally speaking, Tong Jincheng does pay more attention to his grandmother, so that his grandmother will listen to tong Jincheng, so this will become tong Jincheng’s own criteria for choosing a spouse.But the child on the overall focus must be on their own business, after all, just changed a new platform, not how long, and exchange platform, children on the overall sentiment of ups and downs is visible to the naked eye, standing outside the too high, many viewers agree on, is the outdoor sector one of the most powerful competitors.So now must still put all his mind on things, make show effect, this matter to find object, is certainly no hurry, say a lot, watching the jiangnan first affectionate child live on friends, all have to take off the list, then this thing for child on, the absolute is the mistresses