New Year to “new clothes”!Qingyuan Yingde City xiniu town invested 50 million yuan to transform the town

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After transformation, xi Niu town roads spacious and clean.Nanfang Daily news (reporter/Chen Yonghuai correspondent/Huang Shuangzhi Zhang Weibin) “I didn’t expect the environment of my hometown to become so much more beautiful.”Recently, zhou Weimin, a migrant worker in Guangzhou, returned to Xiniu Town, Yingde City, Qingyuan, and found that the appearance of his hometown had changed greatly: new asphalt pavement, clean and tidy streets, unified planning of parking Spaces, newly planted green trees…At the end of 2021, Xiniu Town will start the reconstruction project of the old urban area of Xu Town. The first phase of the project will invest 50 million yuan to renovate the old buildings, roads, drainage and sewage, greening and other infrastructure in the town.At present, the transformation project has been basically completed, the town in the Spring Festival before the “new”.Xi Niu town township area according to the river and built, terrain ups and downs.”Before the door of the narrow road, two cars meet opposite, it is difficult to pass.”Lin, who lives in Tangpu Street, West Niuzhen, said that the road of tangpu street was built in the 1980s, and the entrance of some residential buildings occupied the street, and the road gradually narrowed, coupled with the baptism of time, cement road more and more unable to meet the needs of citizens.At the end of 2021, Xiniu Town will start the reconstruction project of the old urban area of Xu Town, and all the main roads in the town will be “black”, including Tangpu Street.After the construction plan is clear, it has received strong support from the surrounding residents.Driven by the transformation project, Xiniu Town cleaned and planned the gate of Tangpu Street, replaced the old street lamps and re-paved asphalt pavement, making the street look brand-new.The reconstruction project is mainly to upgrade and transform the town’s roads, traffic, drainage and sewage, greening, parks and other infrastructure to improve the street appearance of the old city.Xiniu Town Party Committee government related person said, “next, we will develop the relevant long-term management and protection mechanism, for example, every Tuesday to Friday by the party and government team to the township ‘six chaos’ situation rectification and persuasion, together to consolidate and improve the town appearance.”