New Year special benefits carnival Jie Yatai auto trade to accompany you New Year

2022-06-29 0 By

New Year to add new members, have you more reunion, Spring Festival special carnival has been opened, Jie Yatai auto trade to accompany you New Year!In the past year, thank you for your trust and support, let us go all the way full of harvest.Next, at the beginning of the New Year, Jieyatai auto trade will also, as always, fulfill the agreement with you, 2022, for your protection, all the way with heart.Vehicle management activities:Old car does not discount, three years in a new car, free from ping an insurance cover to the shop to test drive this activity, the exquisite gift sent an in-store insurance, and the high subsidies of 3000 yuan Old car transfer, in-store one-stop agency services, the Beijing municipal card the three models, ultra-high displacement subsidy of $12000 This ordering can enjoy, some models can enjoy interest-free loans to high 18 issue of zero interest rates,New car drive home low 1,999 yuan, some models 5 years 5 times of basic maintenance (including the first warranty) +500 yuan renewal voucher +1 year / 30,000km powertrain original factory extended warranty +1 year accident car compensation service old customers successfully purchase a car, give 20000 points as a gift/replacement extra subsidy old customers successfully transfer introduction,Old customers can get 5000 club points, new customers can get 2000 club points to call platform customers, entering the store to see the car can enjoy a gift, car purchase can enjoy extra preferential!Address: Sun He Peace Farm, Jingshun Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing New Year, have you made a new plan?Finish a new job?To see new sights?Or make new friends?You need a car to help you achieve your goals.Beijing Jieyatai auto trade has a new car and good gift, only for you to come!A new car goes well with the New Year!