Focus on preparations for Beijing Winter Olympic Games zhangjiakou Competition Area meteorological equipment support team New Year’s Eve maintenance notes

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Members of the meteorological equipment support team of Zhangjiakou Competition area repair meteorological equipment at the National Ski jumping Center in Zhangjiakou, Hebei province, Jan. 31, 2018.Interviewees for photo Hebei Daily reporter Chen Hua January 31, New Year’s Eve.At 6 am, before dawn, Wang Xuhai, a member of the meteorological equipment support team of Zhangjiakou Competition Area, and his colleagues got up one after another, took nucleic acid samples, ate, and then started the work of the day.Approaching the Winter Olympics, meteorological support work this string, stretched more and more tight.”Getting up at 6 am is our normal working time.If the equipment fails due to bad weather such as snow, wind, cold wave and fog, I have to go up in the middle of the night.Wang Xuhai said.The meteorological equipment support team of Zhangjiakou Competition Area was established in 2020. It is composed of 16 people from provincial meteorological departments who are specialized in radar operation support, metrological verification, automatic weather station support and other professional skills. It is divided into two groups: ancient Poplar Stadium group and Genting Ski Park, with 8 people in each group.Wang Xuhai is in the ancient Poplar Pavilion group.The Beijing Winter Olympic Games were the first to be held under continental winter monsoon climate.In order to achieve the precise prediction target of “minute level, 100 meter level” and ensure the smooth progress of the Winter Olympics, Zhangjiakou Olympic Competition area has deployed the highest density and the most comprehensive winter Olympics meteorological observation system.There are 11 automatic weather stations around the National Ski Jumping Center alone, and data from these automatic weather stations is the basis for accurate forecasts.The meteorological equipment support team of the competition area is the guardian of these reliable data and the “pacesetter” of the meteorological support of the Winter Olympics.At 8 am, wang and his colleagues noticed intermittent data from an automatic weather station at point K of the National Ski Jumping Center through the meteorological monitoring platform.Through analysis, they determined that the collector or communication module may be faulty, must go to the site as soon as possible repair.Wang and his five colleagues prepared spare parts and tools and drove to the scene after approval.The station is located halfway up the hill between the big jump and the standard jump at the National Ski Jumping Center, but can be reached up steps as high as a dozen stories.It had snowed the night before, and with more than 20 kilograms of equipment on their backs, they struggled to walk, sometimes on all fours, despite the trekking.The wind began to pick up and whine, picking up snow now and then and hitting them in the face.After more than 20 minutes of climbing, six people finally reached the location of the automatic weather station.Without rest, they quickly took out tools to check and repair.The fault of the collector is determined through troubleshooting.The new collector needs to be reset. Because the outdoor temperature is too low, the work of the laptop is seriously affected. They need to change three laptops before the collector is finally replaced.To ensure proper data transmission, they stood by in the freezing wind for more than half an hour, waiting for an answer from backstage to receive accurate data before descending.After more than four hours outside in -20 degrees Celsius, their glasses were frosted and their bodies were numb from the cold.Back at the station, it was already past 2 p.m.After simple packing and lunch, they began their daily observation and inspection.”Although we will not be reunited with our families this Spring Festival, we are honored to be part of the meteorological service for the Winter Olympics.We are all doing our best and are confident to do a good job in ensuring meteorological equipment for the Winter Olympics.Wang Xuhai confidently said.Pay attention to Hebei news network for the latest news in Hebei.