Dongba Country Park has been upgraded with a dedicated tent area

2022-06-29 0 By

Recently, a netizen @Chia posted to the neighborhood Circle APP, a community interactive platform that everyone in Dongba uses: Dongba Country Park has been upgraded, with a special tent area and a road sign, but there are still some shortcomings……Recently, the country park has been upgraded, with special tent areas, road signs with instructions, and electronic QR code on the road signs, I feel a little bit of heart.Dongba Country Park map can still have some shortcomings: the tent area from the door is too far, with the tent walked through the tired, considering the park has more than 3 thousand mu, the area is so large, can you consider near the door to several tent areas?And the qr code on the street, now finished cleaning is only one word, if you have a public, or service, specifically related details should be better ~ DongBa country parks DongBa country park is located in chaoyang district east rings outside a public park, the kang area road in the north, east, south near the airport two channel, west chaoyang town, covers an area of 3513 mu.The surrounding area is mainly planned residential area with superior transportation infrastructure. It is the largest public welfare park in the Beijing Park Ring construction project invested by the municipal and district governments.The park has planned a green environment area with Tian Qu Yuan, Yi Qu Yuan and fun Park as the main tourist areas, and has set up a folk culture square, a lounge pavilion for the elderly, a children’s game square, a fitness square, a fun viewing pavilion, a log cabin, a roller skating rink, a tennis court, a basketball court and other entertainment venues.The basic facilities of the park embody the theme of serving visitors.The park management office, visitor center, refreshment shop, tea room, shelter and other convenient facilities embody the purpose of humanized service.The construction of Dongba Country Park provides a green ecological space integrating leisure, fitness and entertainment for the residents of Dongba area and its surrounding areas, and also builds a new platform for the economic development of Dongba area.Speaking of Dongba Country Park, it is the backyard garden of dongba people.Now the park has a special tent area, but also has a guide signs, the environment and facilities have been upgraded, dongba people visiting the park will be more comfortable and convenient!