Ding Junhui said!Congratulations to Zhao Xintong and encourage Yan Bingtao to win the title on the first day of the New Year

2022-06-29 0 By

On January 31, China’s snooker glory day, Zhao Xintong beat Yan Bingtao 9-0 in the Final of the German Masters, making history by becoming the third Chinese player to win at least two ranking titles.Yan bingtao was out of form and swept, but still congratulated his friend after the game.Ding junhui also expressed his best wishes and encouragement to the two juniors through his personal social media.On the first day of the New Year ding Junhui will participate in the Champions League 7 group showdown, PK O ‘Sullivan blunt crown.Zhao xintong’s achievement of winning the British Championship and The German Masters in 56 days was praised by the World Taiwan Federation and he became the second player after Robertson to win two titles this season.Yan Bingtao’s record of reaching at least one final in three consecutive seasons is unmatched among the new generation of players.Ding junhui was also very happy to see the rise of zhao xintong and Yan Bingtao. He volunteered that there were no losers in the Final of the German Masters, and both Chinese players played very well.Ding especially congratulated Zhao xintong for winning her second single season title and encouraged Yan Bingtao.It is a great achievement for Chinese snooker players to meet again in the ranking final after a gap of nine years.After the German Masters, the Champions League Group 7 will start on the first day of the New Year, and Ding junhui will play for the final 1 winner’s group seat.World No. 2 O ‘Sullivan, world No. 6 Higgins will also join, the competition is unprecedented.Ding junhui has been unable to beat a TOP16 player for a year and two months. It remains to be seen whether he can reverse his fate and challenge zhao xintong, yan bingtao and liang wenbo for the top spot.