There are 3 pieces of high-grade unpolished for 3 sizes, which one is the most cost-effective

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Many players identify equipment generally will only use a number to identify if 3 different number identification will not test out the number of products?One player will use three different this time, let’s look at first to identify equipment, the first number 8 prepared force 8 pieces of light quantity is small, the dream is certainly some saw the achievement that moment thought themselves out without level etc to carefully see clear water only to find that turned out to be a tactic achievement clear water stunt the damage by 388 on 120 ring,Hit 451 is a very common 120 water clear weapon but here is a 120 no whip damage 388, hit 451,Only slightly gb first number identification number is nothing if not a stir in the second ready to identify the 10, 130 women dress in 10, 130 women dress out at the beginning of a 27, 253, stretch and not grind high female clothing defense also not to grind with a special dress to sell a lot of silver identification number is the second grinding female clothes pretty good now to see the third number 6, 130Equipment out of what good things in whiteboard day achievement after a 130 not grinding belt in front of the five 130 equipment are whiteboard is really for this one not grinding as foreshadowing 3 different numbers, at the same time identified not grinding equipment this is the fate of destiny?