Quality + safety, jietu X70 PLUS unique charm

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In 1972, advertising age magazine published a series titled “the positioning era”, created a marketing in the history of the famous “location theory”, the theory is that “localization” is your potential customers in the future the mind of the kung fu, is to ensure that products in the expected customer a truly valuable in the minds.In the automobile market with increasingly serious brand fragmentation and product homogeneity, the proportion of automobile consumers who have locked their intention to purchase the brand or product at the early stage of purchase has increased from 10% in 2016 to 18% in 2019, which means that the decision-making of automobile consumption is in advance and it is very important to seize the mind of users in advance.As an emerging force of Chinese automobile brands in recent years, Chery Jetto is committed to developing the “travel +” segment market on the premise of grasping the market pattern and user demand. In the eyes of consumers, It has successfully established the positioning of leading brand in the segment market. Its products, such as Jetto X70 PLUS, are also favored by users.All this benefits from differentiated advantages in product capabilities and high-value experience established in consumers’ minds.Where is the consumer demand?Famous market monitoring and data analysis firm Nielsen released the 2020 China automobile consumption trends report, according to the expansion of the middle class, and so did the automobile consumption significantly upgrade, demand for vehicle class and quality feeling particularly, this also gives many Chinese brands a turning point, to improve the quality of feeling and sense of worth,Jie way X70 PLUS from the side of the selling has confirmed this truth.The design language of Huicheng 2.0 integrates the essence of Hui-style architectural design and the concept of traditional home culture, and its unique shape is easy to arouse the aesthetic resonance of Chinese consumers.In addition to the simple design of the interior, large area of soft materials with piano paint, chrome decoration, further add texture;In addition, comfortable cabin is also a big tool for Jetu X70 PLUS to win users’ love. The large body of 4749mm +1900mm, the widest at the same level +2745mm, and the long wheelbase. The product is equipped with full consideration of the needs of home and travel scenarios.5/6/7 Three layouts, two-row seat backrest maximum 41 degree reposition, central control box cooling and heating function, 24 ITEMS of NVH acoustic package technology, selection of 118 kinds of healthy and environmentally friendly interior materials, deeply explore the comfort and convenience of the cockpit space.Today’s consumers’ urgent demand for intelligent car experience is self-evident, and intelligentization has gradually become a battle for major car enterprises. The “arms race” of intelligent product upgrading has been the main theme of the automobile industry.Jetway X70 PLUS is well aware of the actual needs of users in product building, and has made a targeted layout at two levels of intelligent experience and intelligent security.Through dual 10.25-inch screen connection, JTC X70 PLUS can provide you with complete intelligent entertainment experience. Huawei Hicar opens up the channel between the car and the mobile phone, which means that you can experience the massive online resources on the mobile terminal of the phone on the car, and realize three-screen interaction with the phone.The voice recognition technology of IFLYtek greatly liberates hands, enables accurate recognition and rapid response. Many operations can be solved by simple voice interaction when driving.Beidou /GPS dual-mode positioning +AR live-action navigation can not only improve the accuracy of navigation, but also provide an experience comparable to luxury cars.With the support of Qualcomm’s highest computing power chip, the L2.5 level intelligent driving system on JTC X70 PLUS can provide more efficient safety protection. This most advanced driver assistance system of Bosch is equipped with ACC adaptive cruise +AEB automatic emergency braking +APA automatic parking and other functions.PLUS lane departure warning, lane keeping, panoramic image and other active safety configuration, can effectively reduce the driver’s driving burden, it is worth mentioning that Jetway X70 PLUS support FOTA upgrade, can realize a number of functions of the online update, so that your car will become a thinking, communication car.How to grab the consumer mind in fact, the key is to understand the user’s actual demand, the demand is the core of consumer perceived quality and intelligent, rapid way X70 PLUS a great success, because the understanding of user requirements and cater to, secondly in terms of product to give consumers more experience, high sense of quality, perceived value,This has been the consensus of the auto industry.