Press | focusing ship in heilongjiang province, in the key period to ensure the water traffic safety, key waters

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Go all out to ensure water traffic safety situation stability responsibility is very important.So, where is the difficulty that I save water traffic safety?What measures will be taken to ensure the stability of water traffic safety this year?Miao Changwen, director of the Heilongjiang Maritime Safety Administration, answered reporters’ questions at a press conference held by the provincial government information Office on Thursday.Last year, our province will firmly grasp three aspects of the key to ensure the safety of the province’s water traffic, that is, the key ship, the key period and the key waters.Key ships mainly focus on the supervision of passenger ships, sand mining and transportation ships, and self-use ships of towns and townships sailing in navigable waters.The key water areas mainly focus on the safety supervision of ships in the waters bordering heilongjiang River and the prevention of foreign-related problems and the safety supervision of water transportation in the inland waters of Songhua River.The key period is mainly focused on the safety supervision of kaifeng River and river crossing period, the safety guarantee of water passenger transportation during major holidays such as Qingming Festival, May Day, Dragon Boat Festival and National Day, as well as the safety emergency guarantee during flood season and typhoon.Among them, for passenger ships, the Maritime Safety Administration will carry out special inspection of passenger ships, focusing on the seaworthiness of ships, crew operation skills, fire fighting, lifesaving and pollution prevention equipment.For sand mining and transportation vessels, the focus will be on preventing overloaded shipping, increasing the on-site inspection of loading and unloading sand points by increasing the water cruise, as well as remote inspection through video monitoring and other means, introducing credit management mechanism to curb the behavior of overloaded transportation.In addition, in view of the provincial government attaches great importance to the villages and towns for ship management aspect, combined with the last year the province’s transportation safety TV conference call work deployment, in the current spring draws near, this kind of ship is a period of frequent activity, maritime bureau will cooperate and township governments and relevant departments to actively implement the township for the ship safety management guidelines, set up the mechanism of work,Strengthen relevant personnel training, implement maritime related functions.While completes the three key links of supervision, strengthen our province waterway port outside the epidemic prevention and control of the input work, adhere to the “outside the input, the rebound” total strategy and “dynamic reset” general policy, the implementation of the ship’s crew COVID – 19 pandemic control operational guidelines and the port and its frontline staff COVID – 19 of epidemic prevention and control work guide.As for the nine waterway ports cargo inspection channels to be opened in our province this year, the Maritime Safety Administration will cooperate with the provincial coastal Office to check and accept the epidemic prevention and control measures at each port before the official opening, and resolutely prevent the spread of the epidemic through waterway ports.Copyright Notice: Reprint in any form without permission is prohibited.Reporter: Zhong Liang