“Village night school” illuminates new ideas of rural rule of law

2022-06-27 0 By

Frequent spring is that rural disputes during the period of time, to a solid prevention and resolve disputes, in line with the work idea and the method of “prevention and screening”, dalad banner, ordos city bureau of white mud well judicial offices joint white clay court in white mud Wells town “” country night school to carry out the” mediator + legal wise men “training,Lay a good foundation for the social security and stability of Bainijing Town and the rule of law rural construction.The training to the recent spring farming may involve land disputes as the main content, starting from the actual case, the existing typical village of land disputes analysis, vividly let participants understand the rural collective economy, homestead, contracted land and other relevant laws and regulations.At the same time, the establishment and filling of mediation files are standardized, emphasizing that mediators should pay attention to the importance of mediation agreement, to prevent invalid mediation work from rework, resulting in the delay of other work.Bainijing Justice Institute will use the advantage of “law understanding people = people’s mediator” to carry out different work with a diversified identity, carry out the investigation of contradictions in the legal publicity, and mediate disputes in the investigation, so as to minimize the possibility of disputes and ensure the social security and stability of Bainijing Town.(anthonyliu)