Spring Festival I work | Dongxiang traffic police successfully completed the Spring Festival holiday security work

2022-06-27 0 By

During the Spring Festival holiday, fuzhou Dongxiang District Public Security Bureau traffic police brigade of all the people, auxiliary police strictly implement the first level of duty requirements, in advance of a strong Spring Festival traffic safety atmosphere, to ensure the smooth road at the same time, strengthen road control and key illegal behavior investigation,During the Spring Festival holiday, the road traffic safety target of “three do not happen” has been achieved.Publicity first, create atmosphere.To effectively promote the general public traffic safety consciousness, actively creating the atmosphere of civilization in the transportation, large use WeChat, weibo, SMS platform, new media platforms such as key personnel WeChat group released ahead of road travel “two published a hint”, in a timely manner to carry out the bad weather driving safety tips, exposure of recent typical accident cases, guide the pilot build safe driving concept,Safe and civilized travel;At the same time, through the intensive “beautiful village trip” theme publicity activities, build a solid defense line of rural traffic safety.The whole police mobilization, dredging and blocking to ensure smooth.For coping with vehicle density during the Spring Festival, frequent personnel exchanges, the traffic pressure of brigade in deeply for in advance, for key transport enterprise to carry out the big visit, big screen, and completes the key transport enterprises, on the basis of traffic safety management and prompt on jurisdiction business center, transportation hub, rural trunk roads and dangerous road,We will strictly implement the measures of being on duty during key periods and being ready for duty around the clock, strengthen the measures of traffic guidance and quick response at accident sites during congested periods, and ensure smooth, orderly and safe roads in the area under our control.Keep an eye on the road, check and control.During the Spring Festival, strictly implement the battalion level of service requirements, in strengthening “see a police car during the day, evening see lights” road patrol work at the same time, the police, intensive for drunken driving drunk driving, driving without a license, the overcrowding overloaded seriously affect the travel safety of serious traffic violations such as investigation, forming high pressure situation of the heavy penalties “bat”,To ensure traffic safety during the Spring Festival, we will vigorously create a social atmosphere of “not drinking and driving” and “not drinking while driving”.Stick to the post, enthusiastic service.Car management, fast center strictly implement the duty system, to meet the needs of the masses during the Spring Festival holiday, car driving management, illegal processing window strictly implement the duty system, to ensure that “the masses do business in a timely manner, normal business”, do the Spring Festival service “do not close”;At the same time, strengthen the accident rapid processing center police on duty arrangement, increase the police protection cooperation efforts, such as the masses to the door into minor accidents “car damage site determination, small matters on the spot”, greatly convenient for the masses of minor accidents, to create a harmonious atmosphere.