My sister and I traveled from village to village doing business

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Life is like a beautiful rainbow, always after the wind and rain, to see its light!Let a person linger, aftertaste endless.Life is like a cup of bitter coffee, containing bitter in the mouth, really swallow, you will find that there is a little sweet!Like the beautiful melody “Bitter coffee, really beautiful, let me aftertaste…”.I can’t remember when my father gradually faded out of his business circle, no longer running around from morning to night!Instead, the stubborn donkey contributed to me and my elder sister to earn money.Coupled with that frame car made by my brother-in-law, it is really a perfect combination.Learn father’s appearance, elder sister and I together drive donkey, go to sheqi east bridge downhill near wholesale rice.Then, we get village door to door around Shouting: “Change rice shout!In rice…!”It’s like we’re taking over from our father.Small donkey led in my hands, imitate the father’s appearance roar to: “honest point, kill eat your ghost sun!”After all, animals are also human. When you feed them, they will work hard for you.Elder sister with the handlebars of the car to control the direction, so we walk east village string west zhuang, hard work pays off!More or less, there will always be a few families who want to exchange rice, some for wheat, some for sorghum, but it is all grains, as long as the grain is not bad.Fair trade should not be short of weight only, both sides are worth to calculate that OK!The daily earnings may not be much, not as much as those of strong men, but the income is considerable!Better to have enough to eat than to be idle at home.Although the wind blows the sun, get up early and stay dark, but life is also quite full.Sometimes each of us got seventy or eighty dollars, and sometimes only fifty or sixty dollars a day.If the rice is not sold, each family gets the bulk of the bag.Father is responsible for feeding the donkey, brother-in-law is responsible for repairing the car, it is really a perfect match!With the surge of economic development, that year suddenly popular to the countryside for apples.As the saying goes, “You don’t have to learn farm work, we do what others do.” Business is the same.As long as can make money za also stem, roll up sleeves refueling stem!Anyway, it’s wayan who’s carrying the big pick, so I’m on the other side!All is well!Just doing it, riding the donkey into town.Came to the flag into the east gate, passing by the county hospital, after a high county, look up can see a wholesale fruit street!This look, that look, regardless of it 37, 21, first buy home a big car again.My father often said, if you have goods, you don’t have to worry about selling them.It seems that the move when the move, the wind and fire through Jiuzhou!Father’s words are reasonable, but it is not so easy to put them into practice.However, the father is not afraid of hardship, not afraid of tired optimism, or worth learning.Wayan and I are turning into red-blooded men under his influence.Elder sister firmly grasped the carriage handle with both hands, I led the donkey and started the long march as usual….Changing apples was not as easy as one might imagine. A cart of apples did not have two big bags of rice to pull.We went through village after village, and though the apples were not changed, there was still another day.Besides, you can eat the rest of your family.As long as you are not discouraged, there will always be a way, not to make money, fall a belly round.A lot of people go to the countryside to exchange apples, some are couples, some are strong men.All the people in Hao Zhai Street love to do business. After harvesting the autumn crops and planting wheat, it is a good time to go to the countryside to exchange rice and apples.Just keep a small bag or half a bag of apples for each family, because there are too many apples to eat and they go bad.So, the first day did not sell out, the next day or to continue to go around.As long as willing to insist, apple will always sell less and less.Now I know what it really means to have the goods to sell?Because there are goods and brave scalp to sell ah!Or you won’t be able to sleep.The next day, wayan and I set out again, walking through several villages.Just remember on the way home, the sky suddenly cloudy as if it was going to rain.Before going out to sell apples, the receipt is not cash, just use apples to return a cart of grain.When the grain is sold and the cost removed, we can figure out how much money we made.So the way home was not easy, the muddy path was rough, and the donkey stretched its neck.Sister hard to support the cart, I hold the donkey, the more anxious, the more I feel the way home so long….Fear of ghosts and tickles and lice in it, it’s true!Hurry slowly or fall into the rain belly.The road got worse, and the car kept slipping.Accidentally, when the car passes a small bridge, the tire is stuck in the bridge seam.What can we do now?In the middle of nowhere!It was drizzling steadily.It seems that god deliberately gives us problems and has no intention of stopping for a while.No matter how hard the donkey, how hard the sister, the cart seems to be stationary.My sister and I are anxious to cry: “How can this do?”You looked at me, I looked at you, there was no one to help.The elder sister angrily threw the whip to the ground: “this trip sold out, can earn ten thousand yuan a day also quit!”Sister’s words just fall, do not know why, we both actually laughed!It’s so funny. You can’t make 100 bucks a day. What’s 10,000?Is laughter to drown our tears, to win the victory of the song, or god’s blessing?The two of us rolled up our sleeves and forgot the difficulties, picked up the corks from the ground and padded the tires flat.Wield the whip again, the donkey also lives up to expectations, through our concerted efforts, finally out of the predicament, set foot on the way home.It rained for two days and we had two days off.I’m used to running outside, but SUDDENLY I feel so depressed at home for two days.The elder sister could not sit still, hurried back to her mother’s home, and found a new continent: “Let’s go to the flag to pull some flower seed cake!It has been raining for several days. What do the cows in the village eat?It is not convenient to go to market. “Good Heavens!Wayan was so thoughtful that she even took care of the cattle.It seems that at home is also hold back panic, agreed to earn ten thousand yuan a day also do not work, this turn around and then to forget.Anyway, I’m just a little sidekick, don’t worry what heart, lost money with a big sister.One toad is good enough to keep wayan company.Roads in the village used to be dirt roads, and only the main street was concrete.I only knew that I was in a hurry to make money, to feed the animals in the countryside, but I did not know that the road was muddy, not easy to walk.Fold a branch from the tree to take in the hand, while walking and stopping, clean up the yellow reef mud on the tire, the original cool weather also let a person anxious sweat.A sack of flower seed cake, brake on the shelf car, also can not withstand the road turbulence.Fortunately, we came to grandma’s village.Just little uncle that year is the captain of the small, Shouting on the loudspeaker: “whose cattle have no material to eat come quickly, niece far away, pull a big car flower seed cake, everyone to support!”My uncle shouted longer than we shouted at the village!Five neighbors of the four houses, uncle, have taken a bag to buy cakes!Life is so beautiful, colorful!Rippling means happiness full of longing.Unless you give up yourself, give up the love of life, otherwise, it will never live up to your pay and hard work!Li Daojing, hao Zhai town, She Qi County, usually like music writing, writing diary.