Italian imported leather sofa brand, 5 modern style sofa sheet recommended

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Sofa is not only an object, but an important carrier to improve the quality of living space.We spend a third of our lives on sofas and beds, so it’s especially important to have a good sofa and a good bed to improve our happiness in life.Italian imported leather sofa brand, 5 modern style sofa single product recommendation, fashion atmosphere!GAMMA originated from the love of leather, GAMMA keeps polishing every detail in the design, manufacture and production process, always using the most advanced tanning methods, and has unique insights in the design of color and texture.The Gamma-Karl collection pays homage to the fashion emperor KARL Lagerfeld. Inspired by the elegant envelope, the sofa’s silhouette is reshaped. The exquisite t-shaped base makes the sofa light and airy.Bag bag changes as sofa two side concealment type stores content space, practical and style hold concurrently.Gamma-gregory series modular modular leather sofa, also designed by Guiseppe Vigano, continues its usual fashion and elegant style. The details of the sofa are decorated with collisional leather buttons and quilted decoration, which makes it firm and stylish.Line is fluent frame, be in armrest clever blend in the drawer that presses type, drink, snack, magazine, remote control had place of shelter, the design is very human nature is changed.BAXTERBaxter leather furniture is different from the old school design in the past impression, always can break the convention, to produce both air permeability, comfort, artistic work.At the same time, Baxter also takes the global background, starts from the British taste and evolves, through the continuous innovation of artistic processing, so that leather becomes a unique product.BAXTER — PIAF 2020PIAF2020 is a change from PIAF2019.Compared with the 2019 model, the new PIAF sofa has fewer modular modules, and the corresponding space requirements are also reduced.Piaf consists of multiple modular and interchangeable modules designed to eliminate the sense of distance and cater to the new lifestyle, and better meet the personalized needs of today’s people for living space.The Tactile sofa is a sofa designed by VINCENZO DE COTIIS.It was the first attempt to re-interpret past styles in an unconventional way.The work reinterpreted the style of the 1950s, completely divorced from commercial logic, showing the pure pursuit of beauty.It is also called a “banana boat” because it looks like a banana.The “Milano” sofa, the Piombino side table made of forged concrete, the sculptural Azzal bookcase and the Himani carpet with modern organic lines, all demonstrate how BAXTER finds the right balance between elements,Create unique products that give people extraordinary experiences.Source: Rock-Paper-Scissors Home