Constant should change, check outland passive safety!

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Just don’t take active safety, these passive security configuration can not be less as the saying goes, “every turnip has his love.”Although the selection of car standards vary from person to person, but in fact, no matter how good the appearance of a car, no matter how strong the power, in front of driving safety, have to temporarily give way.Safety has always been the number one indicator for car owners.As we all know, the old car company Mitsubishi started with military quality. Today, xiaobian will take Guangzhou Automobile Mitsubishi best-selling SUV model Domestic Outlander as an example to talk about passive safety that should not be ignored.What is the passive safety of the car we talk about passive safety, and the body stability system, anti-collision assist system and other intelligent electronic active safety configuration compared.The function of passive safety device is to absorb the impact force as far as possible through the body, seat, seat belt and other fixed devices when the vehicle is out of control and the accident happens, so as to provide passive protection for drivers and passengers.In short, passive safety is the defensive line reserved in case of danger.When buying a car, most people are dependent on the brand.In fact, in the same price models, the major brands are also different strengths and weaknesses, to remind prospective owners or calm down and compare.From the perspective of passive safety, the factory configuration such as safety body and airbag, which is difficult to be modified later, can test the ability of the car to deal with danger.Intuitively speaking, the thicker and stiffer the steel plate of the body and the sturdier the compartment structure, the safer the car will be for the driver and passenger in case of an accident.Indeed, in collisions between cars of the same size, “weight” often has an advantage.This is why The German and American models of the Hunk are popular.With the increase of fuel costs and the improvement of people’s environmental protection concept, Japanese cars that can meet the safety needs and get long with low fuel consumption are popular.Does a light body mean a lack of safety?In the body of domestic Outlander, we can still see one hundred years of Mitsubishi experience and wisdom.When it comes to the Outlander’s RISE crash-resistant and safe-enhanced body, the structure deforms the impact area to absorb the impact energy while spreading the impact force in all directions, keeping the frame strong and providing safety for the driver.The average thickness of structural steel plate of the whole vehicle is 1.65mm, higher than the average thickness of suVCR-V 1.19mm and Nissan Qijun 1.11mm. The steel strength of the core crash-resisting part is 980mpa, which is not inferior to the material of “European Tiger car”.To pass standard quality tests, many companies are strengthening the structural steel of the driver’s side of the car, but research shows that drivers subconsciously turn the steering wheel to the left when driving in danger, resulting in a higher risk of head-on collisions with passengers in the passenger seat.Therefore, the body strength of the co-driver is also the focus of attention when choosing a car.In 2018, outlander is one of the seven SUV models that passed the safety blind corner crash test in the 25% small area offset collision results of the passenger seat released by the International authoritative organization American Highway Safety Institute (IIHS).After the domestic outlander shun inherits the centuries-old Mitsubishi technology, RISE safety body provides unified safety protection for the chief co-driver.· Airbag In addition to body material design, airbag is also a passive safety configuration that cannot be ignored in the moment of accident.For example, when a car is traveling at 40km/h, if it suddenly brakes suddenly, 10kg of weight will produce 200kg of impact force under the action of inertia.In order to reduce the potential damage caused by inertia in the event of an accident, the auxiliary device of the seatbelt – the airbag came into being.It is cushioned by an inflatable airbag body to avoid a secondary collision with the steering wheel, dashboard and windwindow, as well as avoid being thrown out of the seat when the vehicle rolls.Considering the cost problem, most domestic ordinary models are only equipped with the main and co-pilot airbags, side airbags, etc..In fact, when the vehicle frontal collision, the distance between the driver’s knee and the central console is the shortest, is the most likely to cause fracture injury, limit escape ability parts, at this time seems to be “dispensable” knee air bag in the accident can play a key “life” role, is an essential safety configuration.Among the four-wheel drive compact SUVs within 200,000 yuan, compared with the CR-V and Nissan Qijun’s 6 airbag, outlander’s 7 airbag including the knee airbag can be said to be a humane design, which is a cost-effective plus.Perhaps in the consciousness of many prospective car owners, the impact of appearance level and cost performance is much higher than the safety performance.But when you get into the car and start driving, you are giving yourself completely to the car, so its quality has to be trustworthy.Preparation in the “out of sight” may be the shrewdness of the gaC Mitsubishi Outlander, the best-selling model