You need money to start a coffee shop

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Coffee shops, full of warm, romantic air.As the afternoon sun shone through the Windows on the bar and the grinder whistled, bringing out the aroma of coffee beans and caramel, guests shared stories…Such an ideal life is desirable.According to the coffee industry report of IMedia Consulting in 2021, physical coffee shops have a strong momentum and are blossoming everywhere, with the market scale expanding.In 2021, 6,913 cafes opened in Shanghai, making it the city with the most cafes in the world.In recent years, more and more young people have started their own coffee shops.Online, more and more bloggers are sharing their success stories.Bloggers are eager to share their success stories.In the story filter of novels and movies, running a coffee shop can avoid the 9-to-5 work and lead a carefree life, which is the life template that many young people yearn for.Having successfully learned to weave social media dream catchers, more and more people are running coffee shops that focus on fantasy and ignore reality.Is it possible to run a coffee shop without a high start-up capital, expertise or operational experience?The camera always loves to focus on lucky darlings, rather than ordinary backs.Behind the ideal, in the corner of reality, what is it really like to open a coffee shop?New Weekly interviewed two coffee shop entrepreneurs.Living in the coastal cities of south China, what have they paid and gained for their coffee dream?Lucky gave up her dream last year.Lucky started working in 2015.Lucky used to be engaged in many industries, such as skin care products sales, hardware, Japanese materials, Western food, Chinese food…But for him, these jobs are just subsistence, and life is much more than survival.A year later, that was the day he “really started making coffee.”Like his peers, he likes drinking and drinking coffee. It was also in this year that he had his first systematic contact with coffee knowledge.At the same time, he felt the reality of life in the store.”That coffee shop has a counter in the afternoon where the sun comes out, and I really, really love that time to sit and have a cup of coffee and rethink where I am.”He looked back on his experience with some emotion.The idea of opening a shop was like a seed, scratching his heart and slowly beginning to sprout.Coffee is easy to drink, but hard to learn.People say that making coffee is the game of the rich second generation. He is unconvinced and boldly rushes into the industry.He took Q Grader and SCA baking, as well as latte art classes.The first two certificates are the most authoritative qualifications in the industry.The courses add up to about 30,000 RMB.”Coffee costs money.”While he enjoys it, he doesn’t recommend it to his friends.Coffee classes are really expensive and should not be tried lightly.”I think anyone who likes this business will want to open a coffee shop.It’s wonderful to make a cup of coffee and enjoy that moment.”Forced livelihood, he changed a job again, toss and turn in different job again.Life is full of unexpected surprises.In 2019, because some friends appreciated his life philosophy, he resolutely quit his job and returned to his hometown Maoming, Guangdong province to open a coffee shop.His cafe, on the 22nd floor, serves coffee by day, alcohol by night and is open for take-out 24 hours a day.His friends put in the money, and he did the work.In order to do the shop well, he uses high-quality materials.Early C (coffee) late A (alcohol), contemporary people xiaozi dream.”This is the only thing I can do to find happiness in my work, to find some meaning in life, not just survival.”Several times, in the early hours of the morning, during a heavy rainstorm, a customer ordered only a cup of coffee, but no rider took the order.He went to deliver coffee alone in the heavy rain.He believes that he is doing what he likes and won’t get tired.Tiredness was far from enough to make him give up.More and more guests recognize his concept, willing to patronize.Everything seems to be moving in the right direction.Reality always run faster than ideal, the next intersection came back.Like everyone who falls over, he vastly underestimated the difficulties of working capital and operating costs.”He eventually closed the cafe after a year because of a lack of working capital.”To make a good cup of coffee, you need good equipment, environment, professionalism and so on.A good coffee equipment, entry need ten thousand.Better products mean higher costs, but not necessarily higher profits.Business is business, coffee is coffee, he realized.Running a coffee shop is not just about feelings.Flying to the edge of his dream, he fell back to earth.He gave up the coffee shop and went back to work.He seemed quite at ease in the face of failure.He was aware of the high cost of coffee shops, but even then he failed to control costs and liquidity.”I guess it just goes with the flow.Back at nine to five, he finally made peace with reality.The shop was like a white moon, shining over his head all the time.”For me, no matter how many times I have to start over, I will still open a coffee shop.I think I love coffee, but IT is a long time, and I am happy to provide professional coffee to customers who like coffee and communicate with customers about coffee.Cafe owner Echo says she loves freedom.Suffer the influence of SAN MAO, when others go to the university, she alone raises knapsack, run all over the world.Before starting her own business, she worked in oral medicine.For a free soul, running a coffee shop is an accident.She came up with the idea of opening a coffee shop in 2012 while traveling alone in Tibetan areas.It took her about two or three years to learn coffee roasting.Among other life projects, she finds making coffee easy.Two years later, she came across a two-story house in her hometown’s old town.She decided to quit the business and, as usual, her family supported her.So she gritted her teeth and planned her own cafe.Docking design, water circuit planning, looking for coffee bean suppliers…Running a cafe is obviously not about knowing coffee.Baking beans until 11 p.m. is the norm.Sometimes she would bake her own beans until 1 a.m.Once, during a street renovation outside, she happened to be baking beans and cooling them with a fan.As the drill hit the ground, the house shook and the fan fell and broke.She felt a kind of helplessness rising from her heart.”Very hard of, you all dare not get sick, besides the woman still has physiology period.”Now, nearly 3,000 days into the business, she jokes that she has rarely asked her guests for a day’s sick leave.Even when she took a break, she always went to bed early in the morning to keep up with her studies and work.Echo often bakes beans at night./ Interviewees provided that on a winter morning in 2015, the weather changed suddenly, and the state of coffee powder changed greatly.To make sure the coffee was good and the ground was good, she ate a quick breakfast and drank a dozen shots of espresso.Under the continuous bombardment of caffeine, her whole person drank palpitation, hand shaking.No pains, no gains, she deeply believed that.She tried and tried and managed, and although she was not rich, the store opened well.Even so, the high costs and directionless operation were too much for her, and Echo hit rock bottom.”I remember I had no money at that time, and I was worrying about all kinds of expenses every day when I opened my eyes.Even a large part of my job is paying off debts.”She thought back to her first two years.”I’m telling the truth, and I admit I can’t.”She decided to do subtraction, dispensed with excess and turned the store into a coffee training institute.”There is a certain frequency of resonance between the heart and the heart.” She changed her mind, and her words and actions changed accordingly.It was precisely that year that she stopped her losses and turned into profit.Eight years, time is gone, but experience and customers remain.”Occasionally I would get bored, but my friends encouraged me to keep going.”No blood, no love, no baggage.Once all over the world, not afraid of difficulties, she returned to life, willing to be an ordinary person.Echo’s photo wall is filled with stories of passers-by./ Respondents provided squatting to clean the toilet, slits to clean the floor, rags to clean the floor…At the end of a busy workday, she relishes it.In her opinion, in the fast-paced urban life, to do well in everything at hand is perseverance and achievement.Under the surface of success, is never stop efforts.What is the continuation of romantic debunking?According to iiMedia research’s report, China’s coffee market is still expanding.With the change of dietary concept, the coffee market is developing rapidly and is expected to reach a market size of 1 trillion yuan in 2025.In the future, the era of “no coffee without pleasure” may come.The market size is growing rapidly./ Imedia consulting pet coffee, office coffee, pop-up coffee, camping coffee…The coffee market continues to expand operations.At the same time, the romance of running a coffee shop is becoming more popular, but few people realize the high barriers to entry in the coffee business.To become a good barista, even a simple latte class costs 5000 yuan.And a complete set of courses, is often need to spend tens of thousands of yuan.Ideal is full, reality is very skinny.Without the money to invest in coffee technology and the insiders, it would be impossible to run a coffee shop properly.According to the research report on “Dead Restaurants in China 2021” written and released by NCBD, in the first three quarters of 2021, nearly 60% of coffee shops could not operate for more than two years due to various reasons, and the remaining 40% could already be called “old shops”.Make it through a year, probably more than half of them.In the face of such severe challenges, the myth of success seems to be the deviation of the survivors, the reality of the defeat and defeat is still the majority.Belink Cafe in Changsha only lasted more than half a year after its opening. Although it received more than four stars on the review software, the owner still broadcast the news of its closure in early November 2021.”I couldn’t carry on for practical reasons.After much thought, I’ve decided to put the coffee shop on hold for about a month.””He wrote in the little red book.Some netizens went to his coffee shop and found that he had no idea about coffee knowledge and business model.”Ridiculous, there aren’t even coffee cups on the machine.I don’t think his production skills are very good…There is no desire to consume, and there are many drinks that copy recipes.”Netizens said there was a reason for the closure, as the owner did not understand coffee for half a year and there was no coffee cup on the coffee machine, which was ridiculous.To burst the romantic bubble, it’s really hard to open a coffee shop.Behind the filter is day and night fatigue and constant worry, over the low threshold of access, and then continue to watch and learn…Even if they spend thousands of dollars, I’m afraid they can only miss their shining dreams.If you want to buy a professional coffee maker, just search “coffee shop closed” on Xianyu.Coffee dream, the more beautiful, the more distant.Behind the countless industry dream, is not seen mixed, but also silently sinking in the crowd of losers.In Greek mythology, Icarus flapped his wings and soared high into the sky.Closer and closer to the sun, the sun melted wax wings.Feathers scattered and he crashed into the deep sea.In order to dream, human beings are still so relentlessness.1. 2021 Research Report on “Death Outlets” in Chinese Catering industry | NCBD2. 2021 Research Report on The Development of China’s Coffee Industry | IMEDIA Consulting 3.A failed coffee “pilgrimage” | Half a year in debt of 300,000 yuan | Cafe Inn Shanghai