“Dongguan Changping” China-Vietnam freight train starts operation, saving 15 days compared with ordinary sea freight

2022-06-26 0 By

April 2, the first “Dongguan Changping” from dongguan Chang Ordinary sheng goods yard slowly out.The train is composed of 35 40-foot containers, full of small household appliances, electronic products, plastic products, shoe materials, lamps and lanterns, with a total weight of 632.72 tons and a value of $344,400. It will leave the country through Pingxiang port and arrive at Anyuan Station in Hanoi, Vietnam in 4 to 5 days.It is understood that the opening of the “Dongguan Changping” China-Vietnam freight train by Guangdong Wah modern logistics Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “wah logistics”) and SAN Xin international logistics company.The China-Vietnam freight train terminates in Hanoi, Vietnam, covering a total distance of about 1,480 kilometers, and takes only 4-5 days to transport, saving 15 days compared to ordinary sea freight.”Due to the epidemic prevention and control, it is difficult to transport goods by road between China and Vietnam, and the operation of China-Vietnam freight trains will play an important role in trade exports.”Hua said he Ling, chairman of logistics.The team of the company overcame numerous difficulties during the epidemic prevention and control period and finally successfully opened the China-Vietnam freight train.It is understood that Wah logistics is the only successful operation of China – Europe freight train private enterprises.Dai Shuangcheng Southern Media Group Southern + client source: Southern + – create more value