Ma Li on the Spring Festival Gala sketch creation: interesting more meaningful

2022-06-25 0 By

From the sketches “Today’s Happiness 2” and “Help or Not” to the sketches “Do what they like”, “Take a seat” and “Go through the process”, every program that brought laughter to the national audience on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala has become an unforgettable memory for me.This year, shen Teng and I performed a skit focusing on the theme of “honesty”.Since childhood, no matter parents or teachers, we are taught to be honest and trustworthy.Be trustworthy and keep the bottom line.To be a person, we should attach importance to friendship and always be grateful to people and things around us.The process of creating the sketch is intense, with laughter and tears.In fact, the Spring Festival gala sketch creation has always been so.The old friends of the creative team are back in school studying for exams.No matter how many times he appeared on the gala, he prepared with special care, often discussing scripts and polishing rehearsals until late at night.Through this creation, I realized more deeply that only by digging true, interesting and meaningful stories can I bring real joy to the audience.Our creative team has been working hard to find something close to people’s life, hoping to resonate with the audience. While harvesting joy, we can also harvest some spiritual nutrition and feel our sincerity and positive energy.As an actor, every creation will leave a little regret, but whether regret or satisfaction, I can