Loofah do not directly into the pot frying, add a step, loofah green does not water, not delicious are difficult

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Loofah is a very nutritious food material, many friends like to eat, today to share with you a loofah with eggs to make a delicious food, loofah fried eggs.The loofah, cooked in this way, is green and not dark, but it also tastes tender and delicious.In fact, a lot of friends when cooking loofah is very easy to fry the loofah black, most of the reason is directly into the pot, when cooking loofah, only need to add one more step, to make the taste is better than the restaurant, and the loofah does not water, green, very delicious.Loofah, egg, green pepper, millet pepper, ginger, garlic, spring onion, starch, salt, light soy sauce, edible oil, fungus 1, loofah fried eggs, so that the color of the loofah is green and not yellow, and the loofah and egg together with full nutrition.Let’s together to prepare for the towel gourd scrambled eggs cooking ingredients, prepare for a loofah, if relatively small towel gourd, also can prepare two root, then prepare to two eggs, the green thread pepper, pepper, a millet a piece of ginger, a root spring onion, 3 cloves of garlic, a spoonful of starch, the amount of light soy sauce, cooking oil and a handful of dried black fungus.2. Put the prepared dry agaric into warm water and let it bubble for a while, and make the agaric soft.After the agaric bubble hair, let’s take out the prepared loofah, put the loofah in the water to fully clean it, and then cut off its head and tail after cleaning, and then scrape off the skin with a paring knife.After scraping the skin of the loofah, cut it into small pieces. Then cut each piece into strips and place the strips in a large bowl.3, the loofah into the appropriate amount of water, and then put a plate, the loofah fully pressed into the water.This prevents the loofah from oxidizing and turning black when exposed to air.Take out the prepared green pepper and wash it, slice it with a diagonal knife, and then wash the prepared millet pepper and cut it into shreds, and put it on the plate for later use. Next, let’s deal with other side dishes.4. Slice the ginger, slice the garlic, and put it on the plate.Then take out the prepared spring onion, cut the spring onion and put the ginger and garlic slices together.In an empty bowl, add 1 tablespoon of starch, 1 tablespoon of salt, and 1 tablespoon of light soy sauce. Add water to the bowl. Stir well and set aside.5. Then prepare an empty bowl. Put two eggs into the bowl, mix them well and scatter them.Pour proper amount of cooking oil into the wok. After the oil is hot, pour the egg liquid into the wok and fry it slowly over low heat. Fry the egg liquid until it is set and cooked.6, then pour some more water in the pan, cover, the water to boil and this time the luffa water out into the tray, the water is boiling, add a spoonful of salt, to a scoop of cooking oil, stir the salt dissolved in full, then pour the loofah go in for a minute and a minute later charged with water to remove to serving plate, reoccupy steam towel gourd water blanch black fungus,Blanch for about two minutes, then remove under water.7, the pot pour into the right amount of cooking oil, green onion, ginger, garlic, pour fry fragrant, fry fragrant after cut your pepper stir to pour hot pepper, then poured the black fungus and towel gourd, eggs and pour, the mixed material juice pour down the soup in the open fire stir around 30 seconds, and then you can fill out and eaten.1. The loofah strips should not be too thick, but a little thinner for better taste and taste.2, the eggs should be cut slightly smaller.Ok, that’s all for today’s food. Welcome to Uncle Food, where you can find healthy and delicious recipes, cooking tips and making cooking really easy!Like friends can give me a free praise, thank you for your support!This article by “uncle food” original production, without permission, plagiarism is strictly prohibited, thank you for your cooperation!