Health education: How to prevent falls in the elderly

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A fall is a sudden and unexpected fall to the ground. It can occur at any age, but is more common in the elderly.Falls are a serious health threat to the elderly, and any fall can lead to fracture, which can even be fatal.With the aging of the elderly, the motor nervous system function declines, the situation of osteoporosis is more and more serious, the incidence of hypertension, hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia increases, easy to cause dizziness, these are easy to cause the elderly fall.How to prevent falls in the elderly?Correct understanding and adaptation to aging, take the initiative to adjust daily behavior habits.The elderly should accept and gradually adapt to this natural process with a positive attitude, and take the initiative to adjust their behavior habits according to their physical conditions.Exercise can reduce and delay the effects of aging on body functions and help reduce the risk of falls in the elderly.Taijiquan, Baduanjin, Wuqinxi, yoga, fitness dance and other sports can comprehensively exercise various body functions.Exercise the body balance ability can do the body swing “tumbler” exercise, heel to toe “one word walk”, lateral walk, step exercise, balance exercise and so on.Wear well-fitting clothes and low-heeled, non-slip, well-fitting shoes to help prevent falls.The elderly should consider their safety more when choosing shoes.Sole should grain is clear, prevent slip, have certain thickness, hardness is moderate, can have certain support effect.Heels should not be too high.Vamp material should be soft, have better warmth and air permeability.It is better to fix the shoes with the buckle type. If it is the lacing type, attention should be paid to tying them so that they are not easy to loosen.The arch of the shoe is slightly thickened, which provides support and cushioning when walking.The size of the shoe should be appropriate, with a slight gap between the toe and toe.Scientific selection and use of age-appropriate AIDS.The elderly should choose and use their own auxiliary tools under the guidance of professional personnel.Commonly used AIDS for the aged include walking sticks, walkers, wheelchairs, armrests, toilets for the aged, bath chairs for the aged, functional nursing beds for the aged, vision compensation facilities and hearing AIDS, etc.When the elderly go out, they should develop safe travel habits.Hold firmly on steps up and down, when getting up, on transportation and on escalators, and slow down to avoid “making mistakes on the go.”Pay attention to the weather forecast before going out, and reduce activities in rain, snow, wind and other bad weather.Carry emergency contact cards and mobile phones with you when you go out.At night, try to minimize travel, such as travel to bring lighting tools.Renovate the home environment for aging and reduce the risk factors of falling in the environment.The ground is made of non-slip material to keep it dry.Bathroom, kitchen and other slippery areas can use non-slip pads;Remove threshold, furniture slide and other indoor ground height difference.Indoor illumination is appropriate, too dark or too bright are not conducive to prevent falls.Put a stool, convenient old people change shoes and dress.Keep the indoor passageway convenient and unimpeded.The next phase of sleep is the performance of the normal physiological cycle. During the day, the nervous system is excited and can work efficiently. At night, the brain needs to rest fully, and the viscera also need to rest, so as to ensure that the next day energetic into work and study.A good night’s sleep plays a crucial role in our health, and we’ll talk about it next time (April 14).1. Building red brands and inheriting red genes — Nanning adheres to the protection and development of red tourism resources ii.Tomb-sweeping day send bouquets of mourning flowers to martyrsNanning Ring Expressway (Shibu South interchange – Shibu North interchange) will be closed for construction until the end of October!Source | Nanning Daily reporter Wu Qinghua correspondent Tang Yiwen editor | Huang Fafa proofreading | Wu Xixi third instance | Tian Yan Chen Manyun Nanning Daily New media production copyright belongs to the original author, if there is infringement, please contact delete