Wei Xiang is expected to become the “Wu Mengda” of the mainland once the Killer is released

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After watching several films of the Spring Festival, I found that each theme of the film, in fact, there are shining points;At the same time, there are shortcomings of one kind or another.Pure comedy, the Killer is not Too Calm, brought by Mahua Funage, is also a phenomenon in the simultaneous release of films during the Spring Festival.Wei Xiang’s “The Killer is not too calm” in the Maoyan score is 9.2 points, although the score is not low, but also has its own disadvantages.The highlight of the whole film – Wei Xiang’s funny comedy comedy film must make the audience laugh, “The Killer is not too calm”, the actor, is the supporting actor Wei Xiang in kaixin Mahua team.In fact, in this film, there are also mahua Fun leading actors Ma Li and Alan, but this time the roles have been reversed.Millennium supporting wei Xiang, in this New Year comedy counterattack became the leading role “Wei Success”!Mary and Alan appeared in the film as supporting characters.Mary plays the star Of the film, Milan, and Allen is seen in the camera, but only the voice of the mysterious killer Carl.Wei Xiang is a walk-on actor in various film crews.In his heart, he is full of passion for acting, and always likes to add his own thinking to the role that does not need to be performed by himself.For example: Milan’s younger brother Milo is a two-handed director.In one scene, actor Wei Chenggong, who happens to be a cameo, plays a soldier of the Republic of China who is shot dead.When the other actors heard the gunshot, they fell down naturally.Only Wei Xiang, as Wei Chenggong, looks back and smiles at the camera the moment he is shot in the head.Miller had to shout ka, roar to the success of the wei, are you sick, shot why smile?Wei chenggong explained: “The soldier had a cerebral thrombosis in his head;When the bullet hit, the blood clot suddenly healed for a moment, so I smiled.Actually, see here everybody discovers: wei succeeds is oneself add play to oneself, thought more deeply!Apparently, this extra play doesn’t hold up!But here, it’s a joke for the audience!Another meme is wei’s exaggerated moves as he successfully moves into the role of a killer against a real gang.Is his usual walk-on, his own thinking of all kinds of exaggerated performance, one by one in the scene showed again, very funny and funny.He fancies himself as a top killer, and his every move has a secret killer in it.As he put his hand around the mob boss’s neck, his bouncing fingers seemed to pop off Harvey’s head.This fantasy comes from The Avengers, where Thanos snaps his fingers and can make half the world disappear.In the gang boss Harvey’s men, with a variety of weapons pointed at the head, he did not panic and fear, two is living in his own comedy world, unaware that this is real, not acting.There was really no director or camera in the distance.There is also a funny meme, when Wei Chenggong and Milan play, Wei Chenggong pretend to be shot, a lot of blood, more exaggerated;But at this time, Milan satirizes Wei Chenggong: “you this is grass boat borrow arrow!”The more funny scene lies in: Harvey’s subordinates, and then pick up Wei Chenggong to see the boss, in the Mercedes car, he unscrupulous practice voice, all kinds of ventral skills.And Harvey’s men think it’s the killer’s trick, and it scares the hell out of them!While Wei chenggong is fearless and ignorant, he doesn’t know this is not acting at all!Defects – Adapted the story of the same shirt many films, lack of creativity above I summed up wei Xiang’s funny moments.For one thing: The Script for “The Killer is Not Cool.” It’s not an original script.It was adapted from the Japanese film “Magic Hour,” but localized.The story goes something like this (see the movie in theaters for more details) : Milan and his younger brother Milo, both big stars and directors, have no talent or acting skills, but they keep making bad movie after bad movie.At the root of it all is the abundance of money, and that money comes from Harvey.But Harvey wasn’t stupid enough to figure it out.He made two conditions: Milan would marry him.(I have a crush on a beautiful woman!)Find the killer Carl.Words milan how like Harvey, Milan had to pretend to be very familiar with Harvey’s assassin Carl, and said Carl is his fans, listen to his words.Milan was able to get away.Back at home, his brother Miller had an idea to find a walk-on actor to pretend to be Carl.Therefore, Wei Xiang plays the role of the walk-on actor Wei Chenggong.Into the audience’s line of sight.Extra actors play killers, to develop a series of hilarious stories.But the extra actor Wei Chenggong is confused into a dangerous situation without knowing it.This is similar to the plot of the movie “Fame and Fame,” which will be released on November 11, 2021.Deng Jiajia plays the aunt, who is also a movie star and a group of actors who play a scripted murder that turns out to be a real murder.Not only that, the “actor dressed as a killer” is also a movie plot in the 2021 Spring Festival movie “Surging Tide”.The killer is played by Andy Lau and Xiao Yang as the walk-on actress Chen Xiaomeng.That’s the flaw in this funny movie: it changes the plot and lacks new ideas.In fact, to evaluate a film, we still need to look at it objectively and fairly. After all, every film that can be released has its own shining spiritual core.Wei Xiang is the shining star in “The Killer is not so calm”.He contributed a lot of jokes to this hilarious film for Spring Festival.Especially in the simulation filming process, will mop head as Milan, practice dance scene, that standard dance movement, and that “soul kiss” achievement of eternal classic!See here not only think of “a Chinese Odyssey” in Wu Mengda’s role of pig Eight quit, in the spider spirit body, “the cold war” has the same wonderful.Over time, Wei Xiang will hone his acting skills and develop his own style. He could become a regular supporting actor like Wu Mengda.But his roots lie in “Happy Mahua!”END like the point of this article below pay attention, don’t like it!